"Action Blocks" is getting crazy


Just this case:

in the morning i was in the neighboring village, and used instagram (a few likes) on the cell phone.

Now in the afternoon I used instagram in the office on my phone (4-5 likes distributed) and logged in to instagram an hour later on the office PC in the same wlan -> i couldn’t even distribute 1
like there - instant “action blocked”.

This plot has been blocked. Please try again later. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.

sure bots have no chance anymore with a shit like that. (i shot down my bot down 3 weeks ago - just use different devices to access instagram NORMALLY)


Yup, we’re all doomed. You should just give up.


still a lot of people success, try tomorrow do action and see


i`ll gave up. but just wanted to show, that is not even possible to use a few devices actually - like i always did. but i think for instagram its the only solution to get rid of the bots. “just block all - 1 device allowed at the same time”

is just annoying, because I also (pc and mobile phone at the same time) look after several customers as an agency manually (also without bots)


I have posted the same in the other thread but here it goes - I have switched 4 of my client accounts to manual iphone likes and follows after resting them for 48-72 hrs and 3 out of 4 clients received the same block as you did.

This just proves my point even further if you can’t even follow on a regular phone follow/like automation will die out soon probably.


And such messages I love the most <3 I feel a surge of cash in my wallet: D Give up, why lose your nerves at all?


I am only saying the follow/like automation will die soon if it keeps going the way its going.

This is just a small summary of what we encountered over the last 2 months

  • 6000/30 blocks
  • random temp blocks
  • random follow/like blocks with a specific date
  • random follow/like blocks with no date
  • Account Compromised messages
  • login loops
  • Email verifications/phone verifications

I am not saying it will definitely die out. What I am saying is if it keeps going the way its going it (as in more blocks and more sophisticated type of blocks that could arrive soon) very likely it could die out.

Just out of curiosity How many accounts percentage wise are you running without issues and have been running fine for 5 days or more while doing like/follows if its ok to ask?


Automation got much harder that is true.
yet my clients have the most Reach/impressions ever, and they are satisfied with our service whilst we charge at minimum 140 EUR

we have action blocks and ACs but If you arent willing to communicate with your clients and read through everything on this forum, test every single day and contribute which will get you LVL2 status then sorry this game is not for you days of lazy automation are gone.

P.S. if you are Europe based, we are more than happy to onboard your clients


Thanks mate - finally some one with the right mindset! :wink:


there is no shortcut, there is no magic pill…

more and more people decide to give-up every single day which makes the playground less and less flooded in the upcoming months (especially those who do it for like 30-40 bucks a month) which only opens new opportunities to those, who just worked their assess off, just like JV/MP devs and SMM agencies.

keep grinding, we are all on the same boat, but be realistic, you will not be skinny after one salad.


Baby my dear.
I no longer work with the F / U method for almost 2 months.
Why upset about something that is changing and will change for now.
If I see a lot of nerves and troubles, I resort to other methods.


Wow no one addressed me like this before :slight_smile:

I have thought of boosting the clients posts using FB ads for IG but they weren’t really that great. Also am thinking of trying the mass story viewing but its probably not the best with all the recent blocks.

So what methods are you using if its ok to ask? I have read your topic about the masks but its probably not what you’re using on a daily basis?


When one road closes, another opens.
Time to get creative or crap out.

In regards to the OP, I’m not sure if what you describe constitutes “bots have no chance anymore” [With shit like that] as you say.

That can happen to anyone, and you also make claim to shutdown your bot a few weeks ago. If anything, it only showed how Insta is funky across the board & not just towards botters.

Thus, it makes no sense to just attribute bot success/failure when unproven.

It’s a bit of a different story if your bot was running while doing this.

Just wanted to raise this point for productive conversation.

Action blocks are intensifying for sure. Not enough to draw such conclusions without experimentation.

On the flip of this, while the blocks are intensifying, I don’t see it sustainably hold.

I look at Twitter, not to give too much away… and see how they’ve severely calmed down after a several month apocalypse.

These don’t last. Their stance may, their actions won’t. it’s unsustainable for the platform given what gave it its value is directly impacted by its move.

Facebook, Zuck, & IG are smarter than to mess up their own money.


Of course Instagram automation is getting harder, we all knew this would come, but it’s not the end, at least not in the near future, calm down.


Great, the more people give up, the more we start earning. In my opinion, blocks since this is the best thing that has happened over the past 3 years)


Do not forget that also customers give up! not only ppl make a living with IG. around this forum :frowning:


I am not sure if that is the case. I would have a hard time trusting another company with my IG password after the first one would give me an “Account compromised” message which clearly states you shouldnt be getting likes and followers from any company. :frowning_face:

I assume you are not encountering any blocks or do you use a different method?


Yikes! :laughing:

P.S. Love you @Arthuditu


@JackGagger if you mean me, the thread isnt about automation. they are fucking normal use too xD


I feel like as much as we try to find these workaround the issues lies with the software provider. Their software worked well and doesn’t anymore. Like if they’re the experts shouldn’t they be providing us all of this information? How are they building software but then don’t know the optimal settings?