"Action Blocks" is getting crazy


I don’t want to list here methods on level 1 :slight_smile:
You will reach level 3.
You will find out everything
Maybe almost “everything”
Remember, leave something for yourself.
You must have an ace up your sleeve;)


I am on level 2 :slight_smile: its ok if you don’t want to share the methods.


Well, then level 3: D Sorry :frowning:


So just to sum up what you wrote in this thread: you said that its better for you if we quit as its more clients for you and that by getting to level 3 maybe we will find out everything about it. Not very encouraging for level 1s :smiley: but ah well.

Can you at least say if its automation that you’re using or is it something outside of the realm of automation? How many followers are you getting on a daily basis with your method? Or would it be too much info for us?

That level 3 sure must be worth the effort :stuck_out_tongue:


start doing things manually and you’ll never encounter any action block again (While following instagram limits)


Seriously? have you read this thread at all? I just posted that 4h ago in this very same thread


That’s complete misinformation. There are people who posted just today explaining that they received blocks while acting manually on multiple accounts.


im not sure how or why they are getting these blocks dude but im doing fine with doing actions manually. maybe their account need some rest just my opinion



More competitors give-up, More profit room for me. Its that simple :smiley:


It is not true.
Please don’t tell that kind of bullshit, it doesn’t help anyone.

The only people doing fine today are the ones testing and being more creative not to say more resilient. Invest on yourself by learning more and invest on your infrastructure (better proxies, better growth managers, better accounts) and eventually, everything is going to be OK.


This is not because of automation.
I don’t use automation, never did. Almost all of my pages got blocked from liking any pictures for 24h, twice.
I didn’t spam likes or something, literally just liked the first 4 posts on my feed and got blocked for 24h.
I believe this is a widespread problem caused by Instagram itself, they really need to get their shit together.


Why not true?
Two months ago I was in the same situation as everyone.
Being in this forum and reaching level 3 and meeting other people and taking information and I use them immediately.
I came to the method which is ok
So level 3 gave me what I got right now.
Of course and a lot of my work in this. But this is my way.
So here I will not agree with you :slight_smile:

You have to understand that Jarvee is not your whole life (comfort zone, I write this in general, not for you)


That’s exactly my point.
Do not let people think that Level 3 are baby spooned.


Thanks brother! This is an awesome. I look at this whole thing as a weeding out process. The guys left will reap the benefits.


Smart guy. I’ve been doing the same.


For now I’m adding high activity story views to accounts that aren’t following and trying to get in as much manual work as possible on them while resting the other functions. With the right targeting the story views should do a half decent job.


Agree 100%. A lot of weaker hands are being flushed.
Raise prices, talk to clients, add other services and persist. Don’t give up.


Well, we got along, brother <3

I put it wrong at the top :slight_smile:


As optimistic as I would like to be, back up your arguments with screenshots/data…

chrome extension sounds just like EB…