"Action Blocks" is getting crazy


I’ve gotten blocks on almost all my accounts, never botted.


Yet I haven’t stopped growing and are making more than I ever was!


Barely any blocks either. Running dc so not proxy’s mistake :man_shrugging:t2:


Amigo , no es nada preocupante , tambien tengo el error pero mis cuentas siguen trabajando.

Ve a dormir tranquilo


I’m trying 4g mobile proxies on one account and after one day, again blocks. So it’s not a proxy problem for sure.


Amigo , los proxies caros no evitan bloqueos , eso debes de tenerlo en cuenta.

Los bloqueos los evitan las configuraciones y las acciones.


The actions are very low settings and the execution is random.
Example: 4 likes per hour - 2 follows per hour

Different hours of the day, sometime 30 min long, sometimes 1 hour. Trying to behave as a real user.
Still blocks.


Pero la cuenta es antigua? ya reinicio device id? estas trabajando desde la api?


Julian, yes, the account is +5 years old. Device Id resetted few times. Tryed api and EB.
Automating this account 1 year now. Until May it was doing +1200 new followers per month. Now, less than 80.


Es raro, y desde la aplicacion de instagram te funciona?


English …please


Nope, blocked also inside EB


So I just turned off all the actions on an account and turned on just the comments. Very very low settings. After 15 minutes that action was blocked. :smiley:


dude, follow the rules

speak english, use translate google or whatever.



basically what you are writing means one thing



Don’t give up. Ill give you some tips that if you mix with your own initiative, should help.

  1. Make your own 4G networks. (Using a sim card and wifi dongle, one good provider if your from the UK is VOXI, for £10/Month you get unlimited social network usage.)
  2. Use Mass Story view tools. There are a few russian/polish sites which have these services on the cheap, you just have to scout for them.
  3. As well as these try and work manually for maybe 20minutes a day, it helps boost your trust score, as well as increasing engagement.


This is exactly how I see it, although new to the IG game I can’t pretend people giving up sounds like a bad thing.
It’s a challenge, a puzzle a game. I do feel a bit for those losing clients or money, but if that was me I’d be spending my time testing rather than posting bad news.


Alarm Bells going off in my head. Widowed? Got Western Union? :rofl:


Good advice. I couldn’t agree more.


Thanks man, seems to work for me!