Any cheap VPS for Automation


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Hello, you have many open topics you just have to use the search engine, and then ask the questions.


I personally use Greencloud and it’s very good


Try Contabo. I’m using it almost two months and it’s great and super cheap


Hi, im not sure what you mean, but all my topics are for different issues and i got great help from the members here. Also i did use the search but it brings up old topics, i wanted to know what members are using now …


there have been at least a couple of active thread in the last month… suggestion are always the same. One is literally from yesterday.


how many account you managing with the vps


Hello with this easy 30/40 accounts without problem.

I got to have 50 in Contabo with 8 GB and then I switched to, thanks to the help of a great friend :slight_smile:


i want to manage about 500 account.


Go for hetzner then, a dedicated server from the auction with 32gb of ram is around 35 dollars per month


I recommend Hetzner like @jedg12345 mentioned


Hetzner is top.


Yap i agree hetzner is one of the best and cheapest VPS that we can found.


thanks for the recommendation, hetzner it is then


I Personally Use Hyonix Found it very cheap !
But i might take a look at this one you guys Shared it’s Interesting!

thanks for sharing it!


+1 for Hyonix mate don’t use it currently but did use them for awhile very good VPS.