Anyone getting cloaked domains blocked easily on FB


I am using Profitwp and its been fine until the last 2 or 3 weeks. For some reason domains are getting blocked quickly. Tonight with “cloak all traffic” I had a domain blocked in around 20 minutes which had only been posted on my own secret FB group so it was impossible to have been reported. Until now its been great. I am using “page jacker by download content” and “internal cloaking” so I am wondering if FB did something or I am missing something. I dont even have the actual CPA offer in the cloaker, it always redirects to another pre-lander.

Any tips would be appreciated



Hi man same here. did you get your problem sorted out or you’re still having trouble? how do i get the page jacker by download content . Is it even worth getting it? I would really appreciate your answer bro