Anyone have IG Bosses Course? (Josue Pena and Josh Forti)


Does anyone have access to the IG bosses course by Josue Pena and josh forti? I want to see if they are full of crap or not haha.


I promise u they are the gods of instagram

#3 check that site out it has a crap ton of courses for like $30 a month


Is the ecashminer membership worth it?


Thanks dude I didn’t book mark this last time I came across it!


I could provide a Drive Link with the entire course, just right now!

Let me know if you are interested.


Yeah man. Do you have the resources links too? Or is it just the videos?


Interesting, I’d be up for learning more.


Id watch them/read them


If you still have it, please PM me. I’m interested.


Definitely interested. Do you have the links for the resources too?


I am interested too. Can you provide the link? Many thanks!


Hello, I would be interested as well. Many thanks!



i’m interested and if you could share link with me too, i will be really Grateful.


Would love to get these, too!


I am interested too. Please send me the link if it is possible


Am interested, would love if you could share!


Has anyone watched the entire thing? And what did you think.


same old stuff nothing new in it


Hey Proxomytian I’m interested! Can you please PM me the drive link for the course. Thanks in advance!