Anyone have IG Bosses Course? (Josue Pena and Josh Forti)


Hey there would love the links too if possible. Thanks a lot


Would love the links as well, could u share,in pm?


I am please! Email is


Hey, also interested, so could you PM it to me too?

Anyone watched it already?


You can learn a lot more just on this forum.

I’ve been through basically all of the major Instagram courses available, and I would rank them like this:

  1. Nathan Chan - Instagram Domination 4.0
  2. Josue Pena & Josh Forti - Instagram Mastery & Monetization (AKA. Alex Becker - H-Gram)
  3. Jason Stone - InstaPro Academy
  4. Alexey Lyakh & Ryker Gamble - IG Millions
  5. Anthony Groeper - Viral Venum Instagram Mastery

I’ve been through more than those 5, but I cannot remember which ones specifically because I stopped giving the time of day to Instagram courses and just read this forum (and BHW a tiny bit).


If the link is still going around - shoot me a PM or


Would love the links to the course


I am interested too. Could you please send me the link? Thanks


If you still have the link can you PM me as well? Thanks!


Who would be actually interested in buying it? So every one gets access to the login credentials (20 people only! -> 40 dollars each!) That way we all get the updates each time and don’t have to struggle each time on trying to get them somewhere illegally :wink:

PM ME if interested!! :slight_smile:


Send my way if you can!


I think that makes sense. Also he can get paid fr the hard work he’s put in (= win win for everyone


Hey I am in the course. It’s good if you’re begginer. I learned a great lesson regarding networking, hashtags and engagement groups. You get access to community on GB (400)people. I love it.


On FB* (sorry made a mistake)


Hey do you still have a link to this course? I messaged you. Sorry to bother just really looking forward to checking it out


PM’d you! Id like to throw in for sure


Hi! Can I get a copy of the drive link? Im extremely interested in learning more.


I am interested too. Could you please send me the link? Thanks


definetly interested


I am interested