Anyone have IG Bosses Course? (Josue Pena and Josh Forti)


That would be sweet if you could!


Hi there, do you know if the Team Avenik course has been updated since it was first released in late 2017? Thank you!!! Do you think it’s the best course?


@youstillloveher & @visionary I think preferably for the benefits of everyone, I should upload the Instagram Explosion course (by Keving tang) after I review it. Would you like that?

@love777 It’s pretty hard to describe which is the best IG course… Maybe I’ll select a combination of these as the best thing out there. My recommendation is to check the majority out there and extract all the gold nuggets from each > Study as if it were one.


We would appreciate that! Thank you.


Thank you very much!!!

Do you or anyone happen to have Viral Venom Instagram Mastery?


Hey. Thank you for sharing. :smiley:


That would be great, thank you! I’ve been going through the Alex Becker H-Gram course but I find it a bit outdated and would love something more current


Check PM

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Hey guys, the google drive link is down.

Anyone here saved the files, so he can share the folder with all of us. I’ll really appreciate it!


The link is not working for me, can you send it to me please? :slight_smile: thanks so much!!


@Carlosmowll & @weddinglust I got it guys, i’ll upload it soon!


Could you send it to me too?


Do you search for this course?

Josh Forti, Josue Pena - Instagram Mastery & Monetization


I’m interested as well, I’d appreciate it a lot if you could send me a link. Thank you !


Thank you very much!


@visionary bro videos are missing in Agency module.


I know, I got it from here and It’s the same file as the first one


Hey man, can you please provide me josue pena’s course download link? I would really appreciate your help .:blush:


Indeed, I will provide the link to this - or any course - to the first 3 individuals that ask first on the DM.

Same with the other post, I have taken the decision to not publicly publish the links and passwords to the back-ups!

I almost lost the Joe Soto Mkt Agency Academy and GC Sales University for the same reason :disappointed_relieved:

Let’s see who’s more interested!


Hey man, Im interested! I also had joe soto course but the link is down to.
So if you had the link would really appreciate it man! :heart:
Also if there is no inconvenience, do you mind sharing aslo sales university?