Anyone have IG Bosses Course? (Josue Pena and Josh Forti)


Thanks a lot bro!!!:fire:


Hello! Could you please share the Team Avenik course? Thank you!


This is not the same, the “Growth Hacking the Algorithm” folder is empty, and it wasn’t.


I have no Idea how to DM you, but would you be able to send me the IG Boss course link?


Hey guys, I think I will remove the link as the one I have is incomplete.

I will let you guys know when I have the full download.


yeah there’s a lot missing. are you going to fix it?


I have IGBOSS but I don’t know if it’s the same…


Pretty sure it is.


Thanks brother, can you PM the link please if possible? @Proxomytian


Would you mind sending me the link? The Google Drive link above says that I need to be granted permission to access it.


Hi there!

I am really interesting in taking the course to learn, would you mind sending the link whenever you get a chance? I really appreciate it, thanks for reaching out!


you still got the course?i would be interested


Interested and the link didnt work. PM if you need.


yep i’m interested also … does anyone have the link? thx


Hi bro, the link die. Can you reup alive link ?


Sent a download link :slight_smile:


can you send me as well?


Sent the download link !


Could you please send me the link as well? :slight_smile:


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