Are your clients needy? Did a MP bug cause you to get some e-mails? If you aren't sure how to handle the complaints, this guide is for YOU!


E-mail has certainly changed the way we do things. A former IT guy, my e-mail inbox would explode with ridiculous requests from users that were not exactly tech savvy. If constantly coming up with new and improved ways of shutting them up has become tedious…just use my call script and the Tech Support Excuse Generator!

Next time you get one of these…

“Hi, just checking in! My account lost 4 followers today! What gives?”

Just read this script and hit the “create excuse button”, throw in Instagram/Pinterest/Linkdn algorithm, and you are all set!

Hi there XXX,

There was a, uh, Multiple, undetermined raid condition in the Instagram algorithm, and we are hard at work on patching…sit tight!"

Go on now, add your favorites below and give the excuse generator a try!


Hehehe :smiley: you really made me laugh :smiley:
Nice one.

" Asynchronous, aborted backup variance"

Keep confusing them until they give up, that’s your motto?


@Adnan [quote=“Adnan, post:2, topic:7931”]
Keep confusing them until they give up, that’s your motto?

Yes sir. It’s a time honored tradition… Just try calling Microsoft…:laughing:


I can so relate to this, sounds like an excuse hubby would blurt out when asked what’s with the overtime :joy:


Non-valid, multiple protocol problem . It’s definitely IG’s fault but we’ll have it solved in no time :smiley:


Haha this is amazing good idea bud!


Only if the Insufficient, undiagnosable authentication underflow in the algorithm doesn’t cause some O.T. then I think we all good!


"Hi there XXX, Yes you seem to be having an error 40. Try following our step by step guide and we will put all available manpower on it.

Step 1) Log out and put the phone away.

Thank you for following this step by step guide. "

Error 40 /noun/ Term used to describe a problem situated approximately 40 centimeters from the screen.


Doh shit lmao. I may do this if it could be applicable XD good find again thx for bump bear dude

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