Bing ads 0.03-0.05 cent clicks


messing around with a micro niche and i found some pretty staggering numbers around 100k clicks for about $9500 weekly will be testing this niche soon with PPC but damn getting 0.03-0.05 cent clicks is insanely cheap as Google charges 5x for about 2x the clicks but what is your input on bing quality ? i know everyone loves google but i feel like bing has tons of potential btw my niche is whitehat heres a picture of some of the stats


Did they convert? :sweat_smile:


The real question right here


ill find out soon lol , is bing traffic that bad?


For me it’s all about the customer lifetime value. As long as it has a ROI, why not :slight_smile:


thanks brother , and i agree , i had friends run bing ads and did great ROI with affiliate offers but im trying to build a legit service and looking at the CPC side bing make more sense as its so much cheaper and im not really looking to convert right away i want to build a buzz first and get noticed and then monetize it and ya Google is much higher quality but thats for later bing seems pretty cheap


Hope you got Pixel installed and custom events - I mean depends what are you offering.

Nice re-marking could be done here :slight_smile:


Bing ads are often recommended in different Facebook ads groups as the ‘secret’ ppc marketing. Especially for older demo since they are more likely to use bing than young people.

Traffic might be worse quality than Google but with a well-converting landing page into a solid offer, the lower CPM’s often outweigh that and it’s very profitable. The only problem with Bing seems to be inconsistency and often volume.

But then again, trust the golden rule: test for yourself.


The only question that is relevant is do they convert at a profitable amount for you? I have always seen that the demographic skews older, so if you have an offer targeting that demo, then you should do okay. Found this demo infographic: