Create bulk Instagram accounts - 2020 - Using phone - No root required

  1. Works with Android phones alone (There might be another way for Iphones etc but this method requires an android phone). Best part - they dont require any phone/email verification when logging in to jarvee. They will login straight away 100%!

  2. Install App cloner
    Here is the link to the site

  3. Buy premium version and also buy “small donation” (Both together cost like 10$, we will need them for the features that we are going to use)

  4. Select instagram app to clone. A bunch of options will show up like this

Select identity and tracking options. Switch on ‘randomize build props’ and ‘new identity’

Then go back and select privacy options. Turn on incognito mode and incognito keyboard.

Then go back and click on the blue icon on the top right to clone the app.

Don’t worry about any other options on the app. These are enough for our purpose

Now to the creation part

  1. Open the cloned instagram app, click on create account and do the creation. No rocket science here
  2. Once the creation is done, following the next three steps in that particular order is the most important thing for creating in bulk. If you dont follow these, expect captcha in the next creation!

Step 1: Press home button. Then drop down and scroll through your notifications to find ‘close incognito app’. Click on it

This will close the app and delete it from the ram

Step 2: Open the app cloner app and go the cloner app and click on the dots beside Instagram. You will find an option called new identity. Click on it

You will get a new pop up like below. Select the checkbox and click ok

Step 3: Press home. Turn on airplane mode. Leave it on for a minute. Nothing less

After those steps are done, you can now open your cloned app again and repeat the process!

I have created hundreds of accounts this way. They dont have any problems. No bans, PVs etc.

Pro tips:

  1. For your accounts to last long, creating the account and moving on to the next one is not sufficient. Once the account is created, add a profile picture. Then follow a few from the suggested users. Then go to the wall, scroll a couple of posts which obviously will be those of the celebrities that you just followed. LIke any. Then open one of the celebrities profile and follow 20-30 of their recent followers. You will get 3-4 follow backs. These accounts will have 10 times more life time than blank accounts. Doing all these actions will only take a minute more but will add to the trust score of the account.

  2. If you use the above method, it will take about 5 mins to create one account on an average, including the waiting time between creation. If you want to make this faster, use two phones! Create on one, turn on airplane mode and while thats resting, create on the other and keep switching. So no wait times in between!

Instead of buying blank accounts and then uploading Profile picture etc (which will lead to some of the accounts getting captcha etc), you could just create them yourself which will be customised to your needs, right at the time of creation itself!

Dont have time? Hire a Virtual assistant. You can find one on fiverr etc. They are VAs from Pakistan/Bangladesh willing to work for 10 hours a day for 250$ per month! Or if you dont want so many accounts, you can hire them for a couple of days as well. Now do the math.

In 10 hours, 150 accounts can be created easily assuming that there are 2 phones. You end up paying 10$ for the VA per day approx and another 15$ for phone numbers and verifications. 25$ for 150 customised accounts which last way longer than purchased accounts!

Hope this helps some of you. I will be glad to help you with any doubts


Awesome share, thanks!

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Definitely will give this a try thanks!


good to see posts like this --thank you!


this and


I thought everybody gets captcha (noob alert)

  1. Is it an indication of bad health score of our IP or something to get a captcha while creating?

  2. What about email accounts that we use while creating bulk IG accounts? Any trick to get bulk email accounts? I use Gmail for main accounts. And use disposable mail addresses for dummy accounts.

As far as i know, captcha is mainly because of two things - Bad IP or there are a few similar actions taken from that IP already. For example, you create an account and it was all smooth. Now you create another the same way, following the same steps, using the same folder location for profile picture, from the same device ID etc from the same IP, you will get a captcha then.

I wouldnt recommend using emails for creation, especially manually! Its time consuming and can give EV later.

Use mobile numbers. One time verification numbers are pretty cheap. You can search for services both on google and here on MP. Accounts used even for spam messages, sending 50+ a day, lasted atleast 15 days for me. Some for months.

Now if you want the account for a very long term, then you might want to consider buying phone numbers. Again there are many websites and you can search for them on MP itself. Avoid speedy verify though, this is based on my personal experience with them


Thank you so much. You were one of the few who inspired me to start my instagram journey in the first place. Been following you for quite sometime now, silently ofcourse!


trying this now! Well done for figuring this out my man!

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Very nice and detailed tutorial. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely try it out.


Thanks for writing that up man. You have some very valuable posts! You also helped me with how I should follow etc too.

Will give this a try and give feedback!

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Are you just using the phones mobile internet connection, or a proxy?

Or is the airplane mode meant to try and get a new IP on the mobile connection?

Means a lot Man. Thank you!

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Using the phones mobile internet, Airplane mode for new IP

You mean virtual numbers?
And do these numbers stay with us continuously as long as we want?

No they dont. If you want the accounts for the long term, then emails are one way and buying real sim cards is the other. If you only need a few of those, i would advise real sim cards. If not, emails.

However this is only a method to enable us to create accounts. How do we create them, that is via emails or Virtual numbers or real numbers depends on our needs, however we create the account

looks very good, thank you for sharing

If they don’t remain with us then why would you suggest to create long term IG accounts with them?
I heard if you happen to cross limit of automation or do spamming, IG asks you for phone verification. If the number doesn’t remain with me, then how to verify the account?

Moreover, even If I use email, it does asks for adding phone number if we happen to spam and get detected. Correct me if I am wrong.

You should always delete the phone number after you do phone verification. This way when you get PV, you can verify the account with a new number. Never leave the phone number from the provider on your account to avoid getting locked out of your account.


Pv only happens when instagram suspects that someone else is logging in. If you surpass the limits, you usually get captcha and then PV where you can verify with a fresh phone number. The old phone number is not required

However, if you really want the account for a long term, you can either create them with emails or with real sim cards. Creating with mobile numbers and then deleting the number and adding an email will make the accounts last for a shorter period of time

yes, even if you have the actual sim card it’s better to remove the phone number just to be safe.

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