Do you guys know, how you can create 5-10 accounts per day and set them into jarvee without getting blocked in 1-2 days? I love this forum and try to give some of my experience, but my brain dont want to put the details all in so that i know a way to make this happen, do you guys could help?



Use a phone as Hotspot for your Mac/Pc/whatever…

Download these for chrome:

  • WebRTC Leak Prevent
  • Random User Agent
  • Ghostery

Chrome > More Tools > Extensions > Click On DETAILS of the extensions above > Allow in incognito

Go into incognito mode

Open Tab:

  • Check your IP address. (one account per IP address)
  • Now generate a random person from the second website.
  • Copy the name and go to the third website and create a email address (without pv)
  • Last step: Go on instagram and create a new account

After all this, grab your phone and go into flightmode for 5-10 seconds. You do this because you will get a new IP adress and can repeat all the steps above.

Repeat, enjoy and…


love you bro, thanks!


thanks bro! dont saw this post


Do i can be in my home wlan with my phone or do i have to stop the wlan and use my internet flat?


That’s a nice summary of the OP. This will help many.
Thank You


Good summary mate!

Small addition:

  • Yandex is not asking for a phone number when creating, but sometimes later. Because of this fact, Instagram often considers Yandex to be of poor quality and can lead to complications in its creation. Did you already successfully create accounts with Yandex? @asfgagasga
  • As far as I know, in the method with the browser and the addons for each account you have to create a new profile in the browser so that it looks like a new user and will leave no footprints. But correct me if I’m wrong.

As our friends have described overall there are 2 methods for creating accounts:

  • rooted mobile phone (app)
  • PC with internet from a mobile phone (browser)

Many people in this forum had success with both methods. However, I recommend you to learn the method in the long run with the roooted phone. It’s not that easy in the beginning. But once you’ve learned it, you have very high quality accounts. You will benefit from this knowledge for a very long time. Because Instagram is getting stricter and the most natural way to create an account is through the app. With the rooted mobile phone method, you are very close to the usual process that a “normal” person would do. But for the beginning it should be fine with the browser + add ons.

I wish you success! @danielschkolnikow


if you want to use a mobile phone but not the app I recommend using firefox focus and disabling the tracker blocker. Reset IP and and click the trash can in the app and repeat :stuck_out_tongue:


Already tested the method with Browser and created around 5 accounts. Now all the accounts are running with warm-up settings. Still not a single issue.
Did anyone try Brave Browser ?
And I’m looking for an Android phone on eBay. Will shift to ‘Rooted Phone Method’ sooner.
Thank You for all your help.


@nm9013 Brave browser works fine and they have full chrome extension support.
I’m not totally sure if they hide/block anything additional.


You have to use your internet flat


I created about 8 Accounts last week with yandex and i have no problems yet. Actually I startet immediately with following 300-400 people on the first day. It’s pretty solid, but only following. No Comments, F/UF, Liking, DMing,… just following :smiley:

And i created one new Chrome Profile (to seperate from other bookmarks and extensions) and use it in incognito mode, and as I said the accounts are pretty good so far


If your accounts survive 4 weeks there is pretty high chance they are actually solid.


Whats your best experience to make them survive 4 weeks Lars


I just mentioned the 4 weeks because IG is not punishing directly. Sometimes it is 2 weeks later that you get hit with a ban wave.

So best experience/ advice:

  • run tests with batches of 5-10 accs and only change 1 parameter between two batches
  • analyze your results
  • take correction loops
  • verify corrections and scale up

Since the game is changing from time to time there is no static rule (besides that too aggressive settings usually get punished soon by IG --> and what is considered as agressive also changes --> look at the recent Twitter follow limit update)


Thanks for your help roy!


Yeah use brave browser. I use it in desktop but I blocks trackers and it may not be the best choice for creating accounts


Yeah, this is why I asked. Actually, I’ve been using Brave for around 2 weeks now and never tested it with account creation. Brave is faster than Chrome and it saves reasonable amount of RAM. That’s why I decided to use it as my daily browser. I think now it is time to create some accounts with it.

If it is okay with you, what were the roadblocks you experienced with Brave, when creating accounts?
Almost ready to use it for account creation. But, would love to know more about it.


haven’t tried, I just don’t think it’d be worth it to block cookies from instagram since the common instagram user wouldn’t do that