Do you think it's possible to get your main account banned through Mass DMs with Child?

Hey guys,

Do you think mass DMs (Let’s say 1m people) can cause your main account getting blocked although the main account won’t do ANY automation or anything illegal.

However, the thousand childs will tag him on every DM.


If you bring value to these users, be gentle, and of course never DMs the same user twice, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Even if it’s from fake accounts. At least, i try to believe users won’t report because they’re empty pages. Have faith in humanity. I would say risk is low if you do things right.

Problem might be though, if you spam multiple time the same users…

Thanks Denis!

But if the main account is not doing anything, how they can ever ban him? (Even if tons of childs will spam the same user over and over).

Let’s say I open 5,000 childs of influencer and starting mass DM everyone to follow him, there’s a chance he will be blocked? :sweat_smile:

Easy. They see the same username promoted over and over, and they’ll get mad. Which i can understand -> report

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Only if a lot of the users you DM will complain about your main account. But the chance is too low, so I wouldn’t worry about that, at least for now

@denis1 Ok definitely makes sense!

How about DMing ONLY people that followed that Child? Would that may trigger something in IG algo that may cause the main account banned? Again, no reports from people because you will DM ONLY account that followed you back. :slight_smile:

Yes, less risky. It would trigger nothing in the algo i guess, but it won’t end up in the “Request box” and won’t considered as spam, as they decided to follow you, they’re used to receive DMs “Welcome & thanks for following me”.

I truly hope so, @Powered for example is a page that is growing crazy only by Mass DMs. About 150k followers/month, insane…

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Yeah, it’s defo possible. A well-planned marketing strategy with M/S or Mass DMs can be very surprising, with the right budget :fire:

I don’t think IG bothers. I mean if this was possible then one could basically lay down any profile on insta, just by sending tons of dm to others “pretending” to promote the page you wish to harm.

Unless your main violates terms directly you should be ok. However reporting your slaves which you intend to send dms with has become super easy. 2 clicks and they are reported and in no time you risk having them blocled.

Such a task might need an army of slaves :grin:

I doubt they can ban you for this. You can easily just claim that somebody set you up to get you banned. Insta will never be able to confirm that it was you who sent the DMs :slight_smile:

I don’t think that is possible to get banned because IG’s algo is not focusing on Mother accounts advertised in message text.