Facebook advertising courses

Hey guy’s, I am trying to learn Facebook advertising and I was told to look for.
Billy Willson six figure Facebook ad agency.
Kevin David Facebook advertising masterclass.
I would appreciate it if any of you could share either of these courses with me.

You want that course bro?

I need too bro

Yes, whichever one you have.

message me personally

i sent! have you recieved?

Hi @Vatsal_Patel can you share the link with me as well? Thanks!

Sent the link!!!

Hey bro @Vatsal_Patel can you PM me the link ?

hi, send me link

Hello Varsal can you send me as well? thank you

Hey! Please send me link in PM <3

Please send me link in PM <3

PM me for the link :slight_smile:

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Hi, would like get the link too! thx!

Buds - You posted a free FB course “Keith Krance” earlier I think it was you… There was a url link to a place to get premium downloads with it and for the life of me I misplaced it. Can you PM it to me or…? Ok thanks!

Could you please PM me for the link bro! Thank you

Can i get a copy please?

If highly recommend watching what my friend Mike said about recent changes to FB ad policies:

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link pleaseee :slight_smile: