[Feat. Req. LinkedIn] 📣 Some Features to make MP the best LinkedIn Bot

I’ve been testing out the LinkedIn features in MP, and did some research into the competing LinkedIn automation products to explore what all can be done on LinkedIn with automation.

Out of the plethora of features that the various Bots have, I have identified the killer-applications that make the difference. If MP could implement these, it would propel MP into a position to be a serious contender for position of the best LinkedIn bot.

I will drop the features here, I hope my fellow LinkedIn users will agree with the usefulness of these features, feel free to drop your thoughts below!

Keep in mind that the main point of these feature is to increase our control and effectiveness for lead generation. They are not features for the sake of more features, but to improve the 1 main thing LinkedIn is used for.


In order to easily organize and target your new contacts, not only upon first contacting them but also for properly targeted follow up messages, it is vital to automatically tag each user in a way that makes sense and is easy to call up when you want to send them e.g. a message or endorse them or profile visit etc. In other words, to later use them as a targeting source. I will elaborate…

MP actually already has the ability to Tag Contacts in the Contact Tool using the ADVANCED SELECTION Button. But this is manual work and as far as I can see you cannot really use the tagged users as a source in any of the other tools.

The best time to tag the contacts is as you connect with them using the Connector Tool. Lets see an example of how this will work and why it is necessary.

Lets say you are targeting Purchasing Agents in the location San Diego to send them connection requests. We want to tag all the users that we will collect (the ones who accept our requests) with a Campaign Name tag eg. ‘Purchasers - SanDiego - JUL-19’. That could work by entering a Campaign Name column in the Sources Targeting for the Connector Tool, like this:

Now, whenever we want to target these people on LinkedIn, we can easily find them since they will all be associated with this campaign name. Read on for how that works…


The next step would involve targeting your now-organized contacts. So the feature request for this step is to add Targeting by Campaign to the Sources for the LinkedIn tools, but especially the ‘Search and Contact Tool’.

Lets see an example of how I imagine that could work. We are going to want to send a message to the contacts from our Purchasers campaign from the previous step, so in the sources for the Search and Contact Tool we would set it up like this:


Ideally it would be great to be able to use ‘Campaign’ as a source on other tools as well, but the Search and Contact Tool is the most vital one.


The ability to send a series of Follow Up messages to our targeted contacts is the Big One. When we combine the previous two features with this one, we start to unleash the real super-powers of marketing via LinkedIn. It is essential to send follow up messages, see graphic I plucked from some website:

MP already has the ability to send a single Follow up message in various tools, also in LinkedIn in the ‘Contact’ and ‘Accept’ tool. We need this ability in the ‘Contact and Search’ tool, but with the option to add multiple follow ups, one after the other if no reply has been received. It will be extremely effective there. This is how it could look/work:

After the Follow up messages are added and we click ‘ADD INPUT’, it all appears in the table at the bottom of the page, maybe it could work like this:

Or like this:

Not sure if separate columns are required for each targeting source Keywords/Campaigns/etc or they can be in one as I have in my mock up, whatever works.

The perfect set up would be to perform a Keyword Search and send Connection Requests via the Connector tool (entering a Campaign name), then start up the Search and Connect Tool (with the Campaign you are running in the Connector tool as source). After a day or two (so some of the connection requests are accepted and the contact become 1st degree contacts) the Search and Contact Tool will begin sending out the the chain of follow up messages you have inputted.

These are the main feature requests that will make the most difference. Other software can do all this, but those are not MP. I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer sticking with MP where I know the community, the devs, the support team, the overall level of support and quality, the dedication to keep improving and supporting their product in the future, and am familiar with the logic of how MP works. So I am suggesting these as a way to keep more of us using MP and getting less ‘I use another tool for that’ :-p

A few bonus feature requests:


A lot of bots allow you to directly input the URL of the results page of your search on LinkedIn as a source. This is good and desirable for three reasons:

  1. More control with filters on-site
  2. You can preview who you are going to be contacting
  3. If you have a paid plan with extra filters available, you can input the results page… as far as I can see MP does not have much support for the paid plans.


On LinkedIn, connections are like Followers are on Instagram. It would be great if the amount of connections gained daily/monthly was displayed in the stats page, just like followers for Instagram. In general a lot of the tools are still lacking stats to easily see what they are doing. There is also not much out there in terms of LinkedIn analytics, so if we want to sell this as a service, a bit of data on the results would be great.

I know the LinkedIn community here is smaller than for IG but I hope that there is interest in improving the abilities of MP so that it can stand as one of the best LinkedIn Automation Solutions Of All Time :grin:

If you have another way to achieve in MP any of the things I am suggesting with the Feature requests, messaging groups of targeted users effectively for repeated drip campaigns, please drop a msg below and we can talk about it!

  • These features are Interesting and Desirable
  • These features are Uninteresting and Undesirable

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As always, great suggestion, especially now when we need to focus even more on diversifying our businesses.

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The most comprehensive feature request I’ve ever seen :smiley: Almost a guide on how to kill it on LinkedIn as well. +1 Delagarde!


Aint that the truth :grin: Exactly what a lot of us are thinking!

Haha well now that you mention it, is is a bit of a blueprint for action lol. Thanks a lot though for the superlative support :laughing:


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+1 for making MP kickass on LinkedIn

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+1 this would be a brilliant feature to incorporate

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@DanielAdmin Hope you can take a look at the features in this thread.

There is nothing urgent here that needs to take priority over the Instagram situation, I know there is a lot of work going down on that front; my main business is there too.

Actually that entire situation on IG motivated me to start using the MP LinkedIn tools, and I realized the amazing potential of this and other tools already in MP. In that spirit I present these feature requests as an indication what we users would like to see in the future for the LinkedIn tool :smile:

I did a lot of research into other tools and what/how LinkedIn marketers are doing to profit from the platform before deciding on these features so I hope the team will consider them!

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Sure, I will share this with the team.


Awesome, thanks!

This is great. Would love for MP to release these features. They’re very similar to a different LinkedIn tool that I have used before. That one costs $200 per LinkedIn account though.

I’ve had some amazing success using MP with LinkedIn accounts for myself and clients, with these it would be absolutely insane!

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I would also like to add a couple of other features:

  1. The ability to split follow-up DMs even further. If we could create a further tag that implied their response was GOOD, BAD, or DIDNT RESPOND, and then create different scripts depending on the COMBINED tags. So “Purchasers - SanDiego + Good Reply”. Instagram kind of has an option like this in MP, but with combined tags, would be a game changer.

  2. The ability to search or import using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Since this is a different browser, it could take some tweaks, but since Sales Navigator allows us to do a lot more actions per day AND allows even more in-depth searching than regular LinkedIn search, it would be very good.

  3. The ability to export the contacts into a CRM would be incredible. Pulling information such as name, title, company, contact info, etc.


I can think of plenty more, but I love what we have here. This would change my business completely. I love MP and would love to be able to use it for my even more expensive LinkedIn clients instead of $200 per client.


I wish that before the mp team implement these advanced features, they would fix the LI comment tool.
At the moment, the comment tool can’t comment on a list of urls/people. It can only comment by keyword search.
This is such a basic thing to have…

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Yep, I know which one you mean and I looked through their offerings. Very thorough, I did feel a bit of jealousy at the feature set, but at that price point I think it for businesses who are wise to marketing automation to use in house, too pricey for putting our clients in there.

I’m still pretty new to the game, but results are amazing already. Really glad to see that you are feeling the power of the features, we are totally on the same page on this.

I see what you are saying and how that could work to make more follow-up targeted campaigns for those who reply. Not sure how that would work in terms of setting it all up in MP, would the reply categorization have to be automatic? I have not seen an interface in MP for LinkedIn that is like the ‘Direct Messages’ in IG where you can see who has replied and what they have said, only in the EB. The idea is powerful though.

I also had the wish to run Sentiment Analysis on replies, and auto-categorize them based on that. Conceivably MP could connect with a Sentiment Analysis API similar to how it connects e.g. to SMS services. I just felt it was a big step and commitment for the dev’s to ask for something like this so left it out of my already extensive requests.

This is pretty much the idea behind my Bonus feature request that I included near the end of the OP.

I did not elaborate to not make the post too long, but if MP gives us the option to have a targeting source ‘URL’ where we can paste in the LinkedIn Search Results Page URL, then if you have Sales Navigator, you can go and do the search on LinkedIn directly using all the Sales Navigator filters, and then copy-paste the URL as a source into MP. At least I think that would work… other systems have this type of feature. That way, the Dev’s don’t have to add fields for all the Sales Navigator filters in the MP sources tab, just a field for use to paste the search results URL.

Yeah, this is another one of the features that the top competitors have that is a big one, its is super convenient to have leads in your CRM and handle everything from there. I use Zoho but I know Hubspot is popular too. Zapier is often used as a connection between the automation and the CRM. I am not sure that is something that could be done in MP, that kind of communication with the CRM provider, perhaps the Devs can tell us.

With the features in my original post plus this specific one, MP would be the no.1 LinkedIn Bot, because the other ones that do this stuff are either much less handy to run masses of clients with.I’ll also add that I would pay a lot more for these features in a add-on package for MP, like the premium like-exchange, they are worth it.

So you mean to use for example the activity feed of a specific person to like everything that person posts? Like using this URL?:


That would be cool, does not sound like it would be a big deal considering it is possible to use that URL for the Like Tool.

Guys if we LI users start being more active here and showing that there is interest and life in this platform, and expressing what we would like to see, maybe the devs can devote some more resources to the developing the feature set. So far Daniel has been positive so I am optimistic!

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I’m all in on improving LinkedIn on MP, it’s much better than it used to be though! Most of my clients are professionals with LinkedIn pages, I hadn’t been managing those pages with MP and pretty much forgot about it until I realized there was new functionality…LI is where my new growth is going to come from and I would also welcome these changes… It would be great to have zapier integration too…:grin:


Can you give examples of what you use zapier with linkedin for?

Converting leads into CRM platforms, following up, scraping emails, adding to Facebook ads audiences, and more


I was actually referring to being able to use Zapier with MP you can’t do much with Linkedin on Zapier


Nice one @delagarde

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