[Feat. Req. LinkedIn] 📣 Some Features to make MP the best LinkedIn Bot

It would also be great if we could send messages to new connections after we get a connection…

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Thanks man!

Yep, this is a vital function!

That would be handled by the Follow up messages in the feature request, so the first one would be the post-connection message saying 'Thanks for accepting me blah blah" but then we would be able to add even more follow messages to the sequence to hammer home the message of why our product/service will change their life :wink: The source for the follow up messages would be the connection Campaign, so that only the people we are connecting with are going to get the particular messages we have created for that campaign.

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Yeah, I have to use multiple solutions to get this done right now… Kinda sucks…

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Checking up on this thread I can say that I am pleasantly surprised to see the amount of support these features have gotten, 24 votes on a LinkedIn feature, must be a record :grin:

This is also my only feature request to ever get 100% positive votes, yay!

(this is a screenshot below BTW, the actual poll is in the original post in this thread lol)

I have written to support asking if we can get any direct feedback on this from the LinkedIn devs, will update here with the reply.

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Following this thread with much anticipation.

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Totally agree.
I use Meet Leonard chrome extension (which does a great job) but it’s $50 per account and I have 32 accounts currently lol

Another thing I’d like to add is the campaign / destination.

Ideally have a google drive or sheets folder that it can “pull” content from to post on accounts.

Including blog articles, written captions, photos, videos, etc.

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^ That would be great as there is not much for available LinkedIn content posting and scheduling, I mean there are some options but none of them are worked into a single bot that you can use for more things, as we do.

About the main feature request on this thread, I got this answer form support, so its looking good, we just need to be patient:

Our developers already have the thread you created on their list.
They will process what you suggested and implement what they can.
It should take some time.

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‘Ignore users who already received a message’ this does not work properly. I have tested this multiple times and the contact tab still sends people to the send messages tab even when I have already sent them a message after they receive a connection request message, they respond to me and then I reply to them. It does not account for this and still sends them a message. VERY FRUSTRATING when trying to build a lead base and warm leads are being sent a message cold leads receive as a first contact initiation message.

Any update on this? An autotag functionality and being able to filter tags for targeting DMs only would already be extremely helpful!

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Please email the MP support and ask for this.
They need to see that there are many people that want more Linkedin tools.


Yes will do cheers

Do you know if any of these requests above are being worked on by the developers as most of us running client accounts on linkedin are having to use other software until the contact tool improves/can automatically send messages to new connections? As more of us look to diversify from instagram to linkedin this would be really helpful area to look at although I appreciate you will be very busy with the Instagram API update.


Hi Guys

We’ll start implementing some Linkedin features suggested here.
We will begin with the tagging(campaign name) feature and then we`ll build up step by step

We`ll discuss more details as we progress.

Thank you


Hi Simon/@DanielAdmin ,

MASSIVE thank you for this - so many of us have been waiting months for this news and it couldn’t come at a better time with Instagram getting so tough!!! I have no doubt that MP will be the best LinkedIn automation software out there in the future as you guys have done an incredible job on Instagram over the past few years. The biggest thing for a lot of us would be to allow for scraping using linkedin sale naviagator search results. As a general rule of thumb, all linkedin clients have to be run on linkedin premium as this basically allows you to do as many actions as you like with no restrictions making it much more sustainable long term. It also means the search tool is much more refined as the current search in MP/free linkedin isn’t very accurate and often leads to client complaints. At the moment I have to copy the linkedin sales navigator URL to another software for this scraping process (its called ‘meet aflred’) then I import the users but as it doesn’t have your amazing augmented search tool, it can’t seem to scrape many users from the sales navigator search at a time.

Thank you again from all of us and looking forward to seeing these changes we mention above!

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Please find some more feature requests here:



Can you please describe a potential tool for the sales navigator ?
What scenarios and filters would you benefit from there ?

Sure @SimonSays I have read through every linkedin thread on MP social to see what most users are requesting to combine it into one document for you. I have written a summary of typical lead generation for a client so you know why each feature request is important.

Typical Client Lead Generation Example: Generating leads for Business Advisors

Stage 1: Run through with the client which market they want to target. It is really important that linkedin premium (sales navigator) is used for this as it gives an incredibly refined search and it means you can send out as many connection requests as you like with no daily limits. For example in this case, using ‘sales navigator search’, you can target ‘Founders’, based in your city with less than 10 employees.

Stage 2: On the other software’s we use we can then copy the linkedin sales navigator search URL into the software and it extracts all the search results. I think it only lets you view around 1,000 of these search results a day so perhaps you could use your augmented search results tool for this to extract all the search results but over a longer period of time. This can no longer be done through a chrome extension following a recent linkedin update.

Stage 3: Once all the results are extracted, we usually use the following sequence:
Profile View -->Connection Request (with a note) → (user accepts) → Automatic message to new connection within a random time period → Auto follow ups if they don’t respond.

Stage 4: Automatically scrape the emails and details of all new connections and integrate with zapier so results can be sent to a CRM or google sheets. This emails can then either be used for email marketing campaigns or custom audience facebook ad campaigns.

Stage 5: At the end of each month we send our clients the results so they know what they are paying for. This includes the following statistics: Profile visits, connection requests, messages sent, replies etc. This can normally also be integrated with Zapier so it can automatically be sent to the client.

Feature requests based on typical lead generation (90% of us use the above technique)

Basic Functions Required (Ranked in suggested order of priority):

Contact Tool: In order for client management to be scalable on Linkedin, new connections need to automatically be sent the messaging sequence without any manual intervention. This means new connections (added by mp) need to automatically be added to the contact tool without any intervention required.

Sales Navigator Search Extraction: Given that pretty much all linkedin client management has to be done using sales navigator to avoid any action restrictions, this function is essential. Ideally it should be possible to paste the sales navigator search URL into the tool sources and then extract the users details using the augmented friends list extraction so all search results can be used and not just the first 1000 search results.

Webhooks Integration: These are basically little snippets of data, that could be put into MP to allow for a Zapier integration. This would mean your connections and statistics could easily be synced with a CRM or any other Zapier app.

More Advanced Feature Requests (Once the above have been completed):

Further Contact Tool Improvements: This could be done in a similar way to instagrams contact tool. This could include a central tool where all accounts messages can be viewed in one place for mass client management.

@DanielAdmin @SimonSays Would it be possible for you to add this post to ‘linkedin marketing’ category as it is quite hidden at the moment. With instagram becoming tougher, LI is the next best alternative and the sales navigator paid option makes it a long term and sustainable option.


Hi guys

  1. The next update will introduce Tags for connections made with Connector and Search & connect.
  2. We will then follow up with new options for Search and Contact that will allow the tool to send messages based on specific tags. That way different sets of users can receive different message content and options

How soon can we expect updates? Very excited for these! Thanks!

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Awesome that you guys are working on this @SimonSays! Really looking forward to see the developments and updates.

As far as Sales Navigator is concerned, as 7057 mentions:

The easiest way to implement support for Sales Navigator is to simply allow us to paste in the search URL. This also applies to regular search as well, pasting in the the search URL from LinkedIn is the way to go. That way, you do not need to recreate all the filters that LinkedIn has and to keep with changes etc, you just need to be able to scrape the users that appear in the search results, which is similar to the regular search results, simply a list of users.

I add a +1 for everything mentioned by @7057 in his comment in this thread, what he described are the features available in the better bots. Of course the drip messaging sequences as I mentioned in my original post, and also using webhooks and zapier to connect to whatever we want (google docs, CRM, custom analytics, slack, etc.) is the way it is going with marketing automation. It is insanely useful to be able to automatically send data where you need it using webhooks. I also made a thread about it in the past.

To jump back on the feature request train, it is that is nice to have a list of extracted users somewhere (extracted from the LinkedIn search URL) that you can manually check and delete any undesired persons before continuing with the drip msg campaign.

Aaaand to add to the Further Contact Tool Improvements of @7057 I have seen some nice sentiment analysis tools out there that can categorize messages based on content and assign a sentiment e.g. Positive/Negative/Neutral/Question/Unknown. This kind of stuff allows you to scale and automate no end. There are ready API’s that you can plug into to do the analysis and give you a result, to integrate something like that should be no different than using deathbycapthca or whatever other API.