[Feat. Req. LinkedIn] 📣 Some Features to make MP the best LinkedIn Bot

Hey, do you know any software for auto sharing posts? Its not there and is awesome for M/S and increase organic reach

The linkedin algorithm doesn’t care much about post shares. It prefers likes and comments

Still if you got a lot of connections and you will share post from Fanpage, it will increase organic reach, or am I wrong?

@SimonSays Add a source tab on the comments tool, this way we can automate the comments on specific feeds and improve the reach of the posts

Would tags work for that?

great idea to move into this and the other option we have on mo. diversification is not the name of the game

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Hi guys. The next update will come with a new Source for Search and Contact that can send different messages based on tagged users from Connector and Search and connect.
We’ll also add secondary messages options there .
After we wrap this section off we`ll choose new target features for Linkedin

Thank you


Thank you @SimonSays , we are all really grateful for your work. Very excited to see the new features further down the line. I have no doubt that MP will be the best LinkedIn Bot out there in no time!

is there any news about this feat. FOLLOW UP MESSAGES - DRIP DM CAMPAIGNS?

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Can’t you already do this using secondary messages? You can add as many follow ups as you like and you can specify the delay between each message.


how about Invite connections to Company page?
how about share post (useful if you got slaves)?

I can only add secondary message, how can youdo more ?

@SimonSays Can you add feature to use csv file as source in “Search and Contact” tool?

Other tools that have this option lack the option to send follow up messages.
Basically we need to have the option to import targeted users as csv file, send them connection requests and follow up messages.
Can this be done?

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Is it possible to upgrade feature with
Enable to connect diffrent accounts
And add there a tags?

So for example accounts with same tag will not send to same users but it will not eliminate from diffrent ones?

I want to avoid sending same messages from one company but also would like to be able connect with second one?


@SimonSays @DanielAdmin do you have any updates on the feature requests we have put forward here? Based on what everyone is saying in the community, I think the following are highest priority:

Contact tool improvements

  1. ‘Only message users added by MP’.

  2. ‘Do not message if the user responds to the connection note’.

  3. ‘Do not send messages to users with whom you already had a conversation’ (excluding the connection note).

Sales Navigator Search

  1. On the Connector tool, an option to extract users by sales navigator search URL. Ideally this would be done using your augmented search option to extract more than 2,500 users.

Webhooks Integration

  1. Option to ‘Connect with Zapier’ in LI Global settings

Please like this post if you think these features would be useful

Thank you in advance!


Sales Navigator Search Extraction is what is missing for me.

It would be awesome to give to MP as source the link of the results and then it’ll add as connection all the users or send them a message.


is it possible implement “remove connection” from list?

I would really like MP to be the best w/ Linked In. Keep us updated.

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Hey @SimonSays and @DanielAdmin !

Thanks for adding sharing from Pages! It is workinig awesome to make free organic reach and sharing with my slaves!

We are missing 2 things (well sales navigator search is most important, but):
-Contact only people who connected with MP,
-Search and connect, Connect - diffrent users with specify account Tags - i.e. I have 30 slaves who are selling products, would like to avoid sending connections to same persons, currently, there are often misunderstandings which is pretty bad. In case I am running also clients - don`t want to Connect different people with other campaigns.

Thanks in advance!


Contact only those found through mp would be huge…