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This is a great resource where I could access courses before I had time, but no money to support their creators. I recommend buying the courses which brought you great results…
Happy Learning, but most importantly, Take Action!


Downloading from this site is just about the most painful thing I’ve ever come across. This one course I tried to download had 100 different parts…


Thanks for sharing


Put the links in Jdownloader2 to download them. At least when the course is down, you will appreciate it just as much as you would’ve bought it so you go through it and take action. :stuck_out_tongue:
There are much better alternative sources with Mega links and I rather paid $25+ for these forum memberships. This site is good for beginners to get at least 1-2 brand new courses to start out their journey.


what the name?


I can’t tell you. You’ll find these forums yourself if you truly want to.


can you give me a link to the john crestani course and the snapvertising course if possible


Thanks a lot my man!


Thanks for sharing this golden nugget :ok_hand::relieved:


Thanks for sharing :smiley: