Gabriel St Germains course Ecom BluePrint


Hello, I found this course from another forum for free :slight_smile:
The link is clean, but you can also check for confirmation :slight_smile:


Awesome, was looking for this, thanks!


Thank you @Arthuditu, great share :slight_smile:


@Arthuditu Thanks man🙏🏼


Awesome Artur ! Thanks :raised_hands:


Dope Thanks!

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Thanks bro, it’s a banger! Have you got the new version 2 perhaps?


I’ve been looking for this course as well. Although my question is, how safe is it to download these courses on here. Both because of viruses as well as legality and copyright infringiment. Haven’t done it befoore.


It’s hard to get a virus in a .pdf or .mp4 to be honest :rofl:


Gabriel St-Germain - Ecom BluePrint 2.0

Anyone have Gabriel St Germain Ecom Blueprint 2.0?

Thanks a lot bro


.pdf? easy… do your research :slight_smile:


You’re right @jabbab, I’ve done my research now and it is possible. Thanks for letting me know :wink:.


No problem :slight_smile:

word .docs / powerpoint are also exploitable.


many many thanks man… hats off. great work


would be good if someone can reupload on gdrive as a back up


Oh, man, was looking for this for some time now! Thanks a million!


Isn’t working :cold_sweat:


Damn!! Thank you so much. Glad to find a free resource from a cool drop shipper for free!


I appreciate whether you could upload the forth video - 4.mp4 under this folder “Mindset for success” and the third video - 3.mp4 under this folder “Proven Product Selection” & second video -2.mp4 under this folder “Introduction”? Look like it is not available. thx