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Update guys….one chance has sailed, so we’ve got 1 winner already…looking for 2 more…think think think

Don’t edit your answers please :grinning:


:no_good: …I think the google gods played you :slight_smile:


so google gods played me for good or bad? [quote=“mommyfats, post:22, topic:4718”]
…I think the google gods played you :slight_smile:

enlighten me :sweat_smile:


@TheMarketeer hahaha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


no worries…you still got 2 chances left, use it wisely :wink:


I was already notified the moment you replied to me as Hahaha , and nothing new after you mentioned me before that hahaha
BTW is that supposed to be evil laugh or good laugh? I am so optimistic, you know :wink:

P.S. you keep sayin’ don’t edit the replies here in the thread or you’re outta game and there you are again editing your most of the replies (I can see it :smirk:)


I was thinking of bending the rules a bit since I’ve been receiving lotsa love today :slight_smile: …hmmmm, still thinking of what to do, will keep you posted…it’s a good laugh though :grinning:


heads up :point_down: @dddd @dma0245 @TheMarketeer @mindeswx @mooco @wortime


does this mean, I get to make guess 3 times per question and I have more 2 chances left per question???


Yup…or as many times as you please… just don’t forget to add ‘lock in’ to your final answer as that’s what I’m going to consider in the end, if you don’t put ‘lock in’…I’ll take it that your first guess is your final answer


so finally you let everyone [quote=“mommyfats, post:27, topic:4718”]
bending the rules a bit



yup…gotta be fair :slight_smile:


@dma0245 Hi, you can try again…just put ‘lock in’ on your final answer so I’ll put it on record, thanks


2.15 MAY 2014



Acc. to This post, Initially, I was about to answer 15th of May '14 but the question stated April as the month so I rolled back to the date of This post.
so is 2nd question supposed to be tricky?
:smile: my answer for 2nd question is 15th of May '14 [LOCKED IN]

After getting more chances, now, I taking the bold risk :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


you got me a minute before and last one too seems correct! :frowning:
is game over @mommyfats?


hmmmm…typo error there, I’ll own it…there will be 2 right answers there instead of 1, but you’ll only get to lock in 1 answer


I locked 15th May '14 in the 2nd question


yeah…but it seems my post is invisible somehow…


but I can see it brother(if you are a brother :wink:, know what I mean)