[Game Over]📢 Dare NOT miss this MassPlanner 'Game of Chance' 🔮🎉


I know you can :). …I was trying to be ironic :smiley:


so you are on BHW! Why do I have feeling you got everything right except first, you chose the link url than the project name :astonished:


well…if I create an app called “rupfacebookul” I would probably call the project the same…as in my mind at that point that is the goal…not creating a bigger and more complex app
we all here are on BHW I think :wink:


I missed the last one, however! IDK what got on me :smile: to answer that after I saw codename thing


that’s because I am romanian…and the founder of MP is also romanian.And that nickname of his means something…that’s why they called it “codename”.At least that’s my logic on it :smiley:


@mommyfats when are you announcing the Gamers of Chance ? :eyes:[quote=“mommyfats, post:1, topic:4718”]
February is my favorite month :birthday:

I just noticed the :cake: so am I right for what I’m thinking? :confused: :smile:
if that’s Happy ____


Number 2:

Number 3:

Locked In.


yup…yesterday was that day :blush:


Hi @MxyzptlkFishStix, just confirming your ‘lock in’ for 2&3, thanks


then Happy Belated ___ @mommyfats :cake: :fish_cake:


:beers: to that :wink:


Happy :gift_heart: day all…I’ve seen some takers, 2 more up in the air…14 days to go so don’t forget to ‘lock in’ :slight_smile:


Less than a week to go, still no takers for 1st and Last chance, so hurry up :grinning:


I confirm I received my prize!.Thank you!


I’ll try with the project’s name :yum:

FB Automation Tool
FollowLiker… oh wait…


Wish me luck :joy_cat:


Game over :slight_smile:


game over , i’m laaate :frowning:


oh noooo Game over