[GET] Depesh Mandalia - CBO Cookbook


Free share of the ebook - don’t know how long the link will be up or how many people can download so get it quickly :wink:

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Wow. this is worth spending time to read. Thanks


Definitely, it’s quite advanced!


As I read through this it requires high investment. This is intended for advanced user. Any other course for Facebook ads you can share or recommend?


Well Cat Howell’s is a pretty good one, Tim Burd’s stuff are good, too.

Depesh Mandalia’s BPM method is good but it does require you to spend a little more.


have you taken any courses that help start an ad agency? I have Kevin Davids, Adskills, and just got Cat Howells but i was looking for something that actually dives into agency creation


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I’d say Iman Gadhzi’s Agency Incubator that just launched is probably pretty good in that regard.

Will get the course soon so I can tell more but his first course was quite good in terms of this and he basically revamped everything to make it better so it should be good.

Cat Howell’s FATC is also good because it’s more of a community with live calls and everything so you get to network with people who’ve done it over and over again.

If you find any better ones, let me know! Would be interested in finding more, too!


I definitely recommend Adskills, it’s more technical and analytical in terms of really understanding the numbers and logic behind ad strategies and awareness phases versus a course on just tutorials on how to run ads, They also go into other Ad platforms just as in depth, googles ads… Snapchat and twitter ads… I think pairing Adskills with any of those other courses is a perfect combo! I’ll look into Imans!