Getting Instagram followers for businesses


Say I approach a business and they have 100 followers on their Instagram and I tell them I can get them 10,000 followers , what are the ways I can get them the 10,000 followers… better yet how do these companies that sell you followers get the followers?? What is the formula for this??


Nobody here is going to spoon feed you answers, furthermore if you don’t know how to grow accounts, you have 0 business offering it as a service.


lol fully agreed hhaa…


It’s funny how people say “not to spoon feed you” and apparently all these answers are all over the internet and I can find them so easy and then I can’t find them anywhere so i get told to come here to mp social and everyone will help me out no problem and then I get told these kinds of things and I’m just asking for some help because these answers are no where to be found


Actually the response you got was probably the most helpful response you should have expected.

It boils down to if you don’t know how to grow your personal accounts you shouldn’t be trying to do it for other people. It takes a lot of research and dedication to be able to run a successful client management business. Trying to learn as you go while taking people’s money not only puts undue strain on yourself but also your clients. Half my business is cleaning up client accounts after the Bradleys of the world have made their attempt.

Use the little magnifying glass in the upper right and search for answers. You’d be surprised what you can learn

Here’s my help to you, some recommend search queries:
warmup limits
good sources
instagram account creation

THEN if you have a specific question you can’t find an answer to. Ask away and people are usually more than happy to help. The reason why you’re not getting help right now is your question is so generic you’re obviously very new to this…which is fine but most of us are not going to handhold you because you’re too lazy to search.


I’m just asking what are a few good engagement groups and where can I find them … I want to grow my account from them so in the long run I can be at the top of the page of the specific hashtag I use so then I can organically grow my account … and the other thing is how can I get people to follow other businesses so I can get followers for them


engagement groups can be foung on google and telegram

shoutouts, F/U, DM, Comments - many strategies.

You need to do more general reading on the forum because you are still asking general and broad questions.
I found this post particularly helpful as a starting point…




Yes @roy but times have changed :wink:

I grew up without the internet so it was very different from guys today.


:joy: Hey I want to sell shoes, but I don’t know how to make them. What is the formula for this?


At least he is in the shoe shop :smile:


Hey, I can print money.
Can you give me money?
I have to buy a printer.


I have a few questions for you but I probably know half of the answers.

  • How old are you?
  • Why do you think you can just up and start running IG growth services without trying to grow them yourself?
  • Why are are you so interested in growing other people’s Instagrams?
  • What is your success with Instagram?

You are being met with a lot of pushback because your questions, thought process, reasoning, and clearly your skill level are not where they should be for anyone interested in making money by growing other people’s Instagrams.

You need to learn how to grow your own. And every single bit of that information is indeed on the internet and here in this forum. You have not been doing any reading, just simply asking everyone to do it all for you. If you need someone to train you, you can create a thread and ask someone to do it for a fee. In my opinion, that’s your best bet.


I would start with this.

You are going to find that if you ask good questions that make sense (meaning that you at least tried to grasp the material), and present it in a non run on sentence, that people will be very receptive and helpful.

Your line of questioning is disjointed, incoherent, and instead of asking basics you are going right to, “How do I get rich with the least amount of work”.

Many of us started with a single Instagram and learned many methods. We then found a software, like you did, and learned how to grow our own.

Once you can confidently grow your own, then offer to grow one for a friend. Once you can grow your friends without getting it banned, and you can answer their questions without asking everyone to answer for you, move on to trying to find clients.

I’m not saying this to be a jerk, but if you want help, you came to the right place. But saying things like this:

Isn’t going to help you. People told you to come here to learn, they didn’t tell you that everyone here would do all the work for you.

We aren’t Google.


You asked two completely different things. for books on instagram, I know Ascend Viral is a decent book


There we go. Get yourself a book and read. There is no shortage of step by step books to “Instagram fame”


You should know what your selling, learn to grow your own accounts then you can offer your skills to someone else, right now you have 0 skill to offer in this space.

Can you wash your car with soap, water, etc?

If so, that’s a skill you have, and something you can OFFER someone, because you KNOW how to do it.


As others have mentioned, you need to read. We’re friendly when you don’t expect us to just teach you how we all make money. I get DM’d daily on IG, Facebook, etc by people who expect me to teach them how to make an income. It’s no different here, except I have no idea who you are. Read up, practice, then if you have a specific question, most of us don’t mind helping out. This forum is for learning and networking. I have many friends here who I talk to several times a week outside of the forum, they tend to be my strongest learning resource. You can’t expect to just show up and make money.


The internet is a very useful tool if used properly. I believe it is a misunderstanding and some think it takes off any work. The Clickbait videos on youtube do a great job to promote this.

We have the choice: take an active or a passive position. Statistics show it very well: Many use the internet to consume, but few to produce. Of course the producers would be lost without the consumers and maybe I’m off topic now, but I hope my point will be clear. We have the choice ourselves.

In short: Stay away from shortcuts and get rich & fame quick methods. Did not exist. Will not exist.


Well then tell me where to start because none of these people that supposedly know everything can’t even answer me on something that’s suppose to be so simple to them and when I ask for help I get laughed at… it’s kinda like saying a guy asks me for a job and I say to him need job experience somewhere but everywhere that guy applies to get a job they say he needs job experience but how’s this guy suppose to get job experience if he needs a job to get experience and No one hires him and then he gets laughed and called stupid because he has no job experience … this seems to be how fucking stupid everyone is on here



What? It’s like some kid in Junior High (U.S., Secondary Education UK and the world apparently) just waltzes into the lobby of a Fortune 500 firm, asks them how they do business and asks to be the CEO, expects everyone to say, “OK”, tell them how to be CEO and then be OK with it.

If you had more than 4 brain cells, you would realize that was not a smart thing to say.

You literally have not searched for or read a single thing in 24 hours.

Good luck man, you’re gonna need it.