Getting Instagram followers for businesses


Guys please stop replying haha…


Is this thread still going?

somebody make it stop!


So then send me a guide and tutorial that you think is the best … just think if you were in this situation and your trying to get help and people behind computers talk shit and don’t help you while your here trying to get help from people … were suppose to be a team



Here is one…I used search to find it…


I wouldn’t reply at all guys. Been here three days and has basically only read the topics he created. They don’t care about learning, giving back, becoming an active member. They are a leach. Sorry not sorry.


You got those already. Stop asking for more spoon-feeding while bitching and being rude

Edit: how do I delete my post? I just saw the post above


Here’s what I’m reading
Bradley : "Hey, I heard growing accounts for businesses make money ! "
People : “You can’t get paid for a skill that you don’t have”
Bradley : “Ok I want to grow accounts how ?”
People : Spoonfeed
Bradley : “You are stupid :face_with_raised_eyebrow:…”
Bradley : “Oh and may you take my d*ck to the toilet and piss for me too ?”
People : “Uhm wtf…?”
Bradley : “We’re supposed to be a team… :expressionless:


Dude building a business is very hard, there’s no easy way around it.
There are people working hard every single day and you can’t compete with those if you can’t even do a quick search on the forum.
There’s no my dad is X or my mom knows Y here.
Only hard work pays off


it seems like everyone just keeps talking shit… I thought this was where the best and nicest people are here to help people … alls you had to do is just send me a guide on how to start instagram marketing from scratch, and how to do proxy settings because everyone has different strategies but I thought id ask the “EXPERTS” but I guess these people get jollies sitting behind their computer and talking shit when someone was just asking for a little guidance because im sure theres no way they would ever say it face to face with someone


Read that: Dont reply here before you finished it.


this is exactly what I have been asking for… see how simple that was and I will do the whole thing before I comment again
… big fucking thank you


You could have simply find that by making use of the search function
Nevertheless have a good reading!


Oh, they re asking Zuck to change the displayed numbers.
A bit Unethical but that’s how it works.


Speak for yourself. I’ve declared @wortime to be my new daddy and @jmarie as my mommy here.

Neither of them are aware of it. But I expect them to support me in all my endeavours…or at the very least tell me when I’m being stupid. It’s also a little weird because I’m probably older than both of them.


lol “ask the experts”. Yes, because we’re all so willing to teach some random, new guy, how to do what we do, potentially taking clients away from us. We charge people for growth for a reason, that reason is those people don’t know how to do it themselves. You’re no different than a potential client. You’re entitled for no reason. And I guarantee I’d say this to your face, my username is my full name. Feel free to google me.


Thing is quite a few of us already gave him suggestions and links…what @roy did differently is he put it in a single line sentence. @Bradley I don’t think can comprehend much further than that.

So kudos to Roy. He had the strength and intellect to accomplish what none of us others could.


I’ve told my clients they were full of shit…and they pay me to tell them that and love me for it. I have clients who have been with me for over 12 years in my business because I’m very straight forward with them.

To be honest, I’ve held myself back on the forum here talking to you. Face to face it would have been a lot worse by this point.


You have my undivided support, my child. I can’t speak for @wortime (my apparent MP husband) - but I believe you have his too.

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