How Do You Stop Your Accounts Getting Verified Non Stop


I think most people suffer with this now. You get an account back after photo verify and within a few hours its blocked again. I have tried everything from using it as a normal person would do and manually posting via the EB to doing nothing and letting the account sit for a day or so without being “valid” in MP. Doesnt seem to matter, they are getting blocked even by doing nothing. I dont bother to “sync” them until a few days later if they last that long. Getting stuck now. Any suggestions welcome.


Use 4g proxy. Yes it’s costly but that’s the only way that this is working


How old are your accounts?


They vary but it is more with the newer ones. The oldest is 6 years and the youngest are 6 months. I just dont understand the “suspicious activity” when they arent even performing any actions at all. Just left logged in.


Hmmm, here on DC proxies everything works nicely.
…so far.


Do you buy fb accounts or create them by your own?


I use good sourced proxies and still face this problem. It’s not a issue, just find a trusted SIM provider and go from there. I think this is a good thing anyway, it increases your trust score. New accounts are getting a lot more expensive to create / validate. Just how it is now unfortunately.


I actually do a bit of both. Got some very old ones too. Just trying a new supplier that comes with cookies and 2FA verification codes so they might work better.


“etting the account sit for a day or so” let it rest for more. 1day is nothing if you got this serious things.


who is your account provider?


how do you warmup your fb accounts


I don’t do facebook