How I make money with jarvee!

I don’t see many people entering this competition so I made a post just to help get things rolling.

As most of you know I do mother/slave with Jarvee. A lot of people do this, so there really is no point in creating a thread on this.

Check out this post for tips on that!

What I am going to talk about now is what I used to do before mother/ slave. Affiliate marketing.

I come from a fitness background, but also run a big comic book page. I wanted to make money using these pages while I mastered the mother/ slave method.

So, I created slaves that were similar to the accounts I owned and dmd my own followers with these slaves sending out special discounts in fitness programs and comic merch.

I then decided to target fitness professionals and created slaves teaching fit pros how to get clients online. I would dm new followers and tell them to check out the free ebook that was in my bio.

The free ebook was Affiliate offer central, I used PT distinction for programming, eatthismuch for diets and even hostgator for their web domains.

Now, this wasn’t a six figure business, but it was enough to help pay my jarvee, proxies, servers for over 6 months, before I started taking on clients.

How you can do this:

  1. Pick a niche
  2. Find the best affiliate programs for that niche-

Websites, Servers, Hosting, Vps, clickfunnels all have great conversions.

Bigger branches: Shareasale, Impact, Ebay, Amazon.

There are a lot of big companies that do affiliate schemes. You just need to contact them.

  1. Use a slave or main account to push products. The accounts need to provide enough value that people want to buy the products. My fitness slaves showed how much I earned online and how everything I did was automated through apps. This made the apps very easy too promote and they seemed like a necessity not a luxury.

  2. Create a lead magnet you can add to your bios and have a email auto responder attached to it to capture leads so you can use an email campaign to push further

  3. Setup main and slaves to dm people to check out the lead magnet. You can either just dm on main or use smaller slaves to dm followers and non followers. Preferably dm the followers on your main with slaves if the account is big or use mother/slave method.

For example. For my 160k comic account. I was selling printed marvel novelty shirts from shareasale and was also working with comic artists creating original art for merch.

I setup 200 small comic repost accounts and had them dm my big accounts followers. I made sure to let people know that I have a few smaller accounts that have a similar name just so people know its me.

I would dm 20-30 people a day from each account with a multi threaded spintax. I would not use links, I would just tell them to checkout the bio. This setup made me $300-500 a month extra.

My fitness one: I bought 5 aged accounts with 5-10k followers. Deleted the content and reprofiled. I then used slaves to bring in new followers and setup the 5 aged accounts to auto dm new followers. The dm told each new follower to check the free ebook in bio.

The big accounts were setup to help fitness professionals get clients, had valuable posts and a great ebook. The ebook was where I made money

The slaves shared posts from those accounts and dmed new followers to follow the aged accounts.

This setup made me $1000-2000us a month with very little effort once setup.

Sorry if the grammar isn’t great, this isn’t a planned post. Just written in the spirit of the moment.

Just be aware that jarvee is having some difficulties atm. So, be careful when trying this stuff. Maybe wait till things are stable.

If you have any questions. Leave a comment!



Thaks for sharing @heroeslair. Is the ebook also part of the affiliate system? Also, have you ever tried mass Emailing or you just do IG?

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No the ebook was free as its had about 50 pages of valuable information but to use the information you had to subscribe to the apps and software. Which the affiliate code was linked into. Most have free trials, but when the users pays, you get paid.

I did emails to the people that subscribed to the ebook for this project. I have done mass emails in the past but had more success this way.


Great share, it will help a lot of people that are in the affiliate marketing

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Nice, thanks.

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Thanks man! Yeah hopefully

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How about you post the contents of the book and not spam.

99% of the people here grow IG accounts and probably know a lot more than what’s in your book.

Or use the methods I explained and dm others about this book

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