How many follwers did you grow max per day/month?


How many followers did you grow max with a good niche, settings and sources per day/month?
I look forward to your experiences and the best results you could achieve! :slight_smile:


618 a day is my record :slight_smile: average of 512 a day over a month


I got a 100 yesterday which is my new record. I am just learning thou so should be able to get better than that soon :slight_smile:


Wow, this is an incredible rate!
What is your average number, if I may ask?


100 per day is very solid :slight_smile:
Im learning too at the moment, I think over the time with gaining experiences and adjusting the settings we will be able to get in higher ranges @Wsiolek


That’s my plan!

I don’t use s4s yet, giveaways or anything like that yet. Just Jarvee with only 6 posts per week as all the content I post is mine.

This forum has been a life saver and a great learning platform :slight_smile:


Okay, so you do that just for one page (personal account)? I didnt planned to use s4s or giveaways on my accounts too. Do you use the follow and like tool?

Yes you are right! This forum is gold! Especially since I hardly have friends who deal with online marketing and especially not with Instagram automation :smiley:


It is just one account and it is a proof of concept at the moment. The company that I am working for focus more on content production for large brands, content licensing, apps and games platforms with subscription based access.

Yes Jarvee


Can you teach me how can you do? what settings do you use? I will pay for this info.


I used to growth 300/400 on my personal account, with 9 pics total :joy:


my record 30 followers per day , what settings are you using ?!


2911 a day is my record

The average is 713. Been a slow month.


These are not standard 1 account, follow and unfollow. All of this is covered multiple times in level 2 and 3 and cannot be reposted here.


Now you make me really horny on level 2 @wortime


Ok now how can i get level 2 account?



You’re already are in level 3.



It’s not meant to build it up THAT much, but yes, it cannot be posted here. It might be though. I want to encourage you all to get to level 2 and 3. There are a lot of threads about this.


Thats the spirit!!!


i was able to reach 1300 follow a day and get 25% follow back from it over 300 Follow back, that was my max on new clean/old accs