How many follwers did you grow max per day/month?


Currently doing 200-300 on most days on my perdonal account.


Pretty good! :slight_smile:
Depending for what you grow the account and what you do with it afterwards, the followback and engagement ratio can be more important than numbers. 25% is a good ratio in my eyes.
As I’m really new to automation and starting just now learning and practicing, I have few accounts that I grow manually with F/UF and posting 3 times a day. The accounts have follow back ratio of 20%, 22%, 33% and one even 40%.


Follow/unfollow of around 500 average a day with around 80 followers average a day for two accounts


Nice job! This is actually my current goal for the next 2-3 months :slight_smile:


I am at 50-70 day and started exactly a month ago. I’m pretty confident in my settings as I have researched a lot before. It is a steady growth, started at 10 daily and now it increases. Looking forward to the following month and planning on 100. All followers are quality and I am aiming for steady growth


Thx, both have around 15k followers. A third one is on a lower rate with around 3k followers, build from zero.
Be careful to ramp it up slowly and to find proper sources witch match with your niche. It was a lot of try and error …



Yesterday on 350 to 400 f/d settings was getting 250 follow back on 500 f/d settings.


Are you using the fan account method or mother/slave to achieve this bc from readin on this forum it seems like that’s the only way to get gains that quickly without basic follow/unfollow. Like etc


Nice work. What sort of niche/content is that? And how long has it been growing like that?


Not sure of record, but on some better accounts it’s 200-300.


I did try that. It hasn’t been very effective for me.

It’s much more recent on this particular account


208 women se fashion niche, 80-120 on avg., 160 quotes and text, 75-100 on avg. 20 sources aprox.


There are good and bad days.
Good ones are about 200-300.
Bad ones are in the negative :rofl:


With these between 50-100 a day, what’s your guys best targeting?

Hashtags that are super niche (5k-20k posts) and use 10-20 of them
Usernames that are super niche (5k-25k followers) and target their likes / commentators.

Media Age 1 Month
Max Followers 5k
Max Likes 500

Been trying to get better results for my clients.

Runing 500/500 likes / follow and around 400-600 likes.



That’s a hell of a growth!


My setting is 600f/650u zero likes.

I don’t use shoutout or any form of paid advertising, mother slave method, extracting users, but using engagement pods. Although without posting and running only Jarvee I’m getting almost the same results.

My account is in female fitness niche, 6 post a week with Sunday off from posting. All content is done by myself (photography and videography) and is story driven. I occasionally buy food pictures from the stock base.

I use 4-5 sources at the same time and identify them in a following way:

  • search on engagement pods for account in similar niche (15-75k followers) with worst content, but posting regularly. I try to figure out if they are local to me as well (UK, Europe then USA).
  • check them up on Social Blade if they’re using f/u method and if got decent engagement.
  • Then I test it in Jarvee. If the follow back ratio is what I expect, I add it to the waiting list
  • once one source from those I follow is depleted, I add one from my waiting list

This is working for me and I stick to it, but weirdly enough the source with the highest follow back ratio doesn’t tick any of my boxes so whois know…

I usually get 100+ likes since I started this.

Hope it helps.


Well, I don’t really keep up, so I don’t really know what my record of followers per day is, but here is the last few days stats of one of my biggest accounts:


I can top that. This is one of my accounts - took me like 4 months to build it up, no big deal:


Haha, that would be amazing, imagine her being one of your clients :smiley:


And who says it’s not his client :new_moon_with_face::new_moon_with_face::new_moon_with_face: