How many follwers did you grow max per day/month?


i thought i was managing her!


What’s the average engagement for mother/slave accounts?


Did you achieve this using only follow-unfollow?


1.000 - 1.300 followers per day


Peaked at 500-600 for a few days in the past month. Some pretty good sources, 60% followback ratio but they aren’t giving me much engagement. I have plenty of engagement so I’m not too bothered by it.


around 30-60 followers a day, on a fresh account.


Organically in one day my record was 7989 followers - month 130k+ Organically with Viral content, the old days :sob::sob:


Gentlemen you put the bar quite high :fearful:. Hope one day I will come close to that. So far my record is 449 follows/day (just from follow/unfollow)


Doing only F/UF my current record is 211 a day.

Using only F/UF I find it tricky to achieve high numbers and keeping a relevant targeting with followers which will also engage with the content eventually.

more filters = Less growth, More engagement :wink:


usually between 250 to 300 per day


Had a day where I got about 900 in one day but with one of my accounts the average is about 400-500 per day!

F/UF and Like and posting about 5 times a day


119 a day is my highest one. I’m wondering where I am in 2-6 months :smile:


I created this thread, so it’s time to give also my 2cents on this. My Highscore with F/UF is +338 in one day.


How do you get a chart like this? Is it in Jarvee?


On you have a chart like this. When your account is entered for the first time in their website you have to wait around 24 hours until they collect data. From that point on you have very clean analytics. @koin3190


Lars, how do you make the 449 bro? Do you like after following or before following?


Do you make all these cat accounts with ‘dm for sheap ads’? these accounts making 400-600 followers daily and get from 2k to 8k likes on every pic with only 5-6k followers, many viral posts :smiley: i could think this is you


Hardly giving any likes (less than 50 a day). About the 449… just pure luck…


You reach this numbers when you adjust a lot of different things. Follow/Unfollow is just one growth method. Especially in the beginning it helps to get the ball rolling. When you analyze & optimize your follow-/like-/repost- or content sources, implement captions & content which increase the engagement and make a good hashtag reasarch to find the hashtags which fit your current reach, you have good chances to get a lot of new followers trough organic traffic from the explore page.

When you don’t have a follow back ratio of 50-70% (which is not the case most of the time), it’s a fact that more than 300-400 followers are very unlikely just from F/UF when you have limits like 500-600 per day.

And we not even talked about M/S or shoutouts. So there is big potential for growth when you learn and implement different strategies and of course when you put in the work.

Sitting there and watching follow/unfollow half of the world is not putting in the work in my eyes. (That is not an offense to anybody here, just in case someone misinterpret)


Something I have to add: The follow back ratio of the account above which reaches around 300 gained followers on good days is that high because it is an “easy to grow niche”. After the next days when I re-write my spintax captions, analyze sources, etc. this numbers can be much higher in the future.