How much should I get for Instagram client management?

hi there, I wanted to know what is a fair price for growing an account? I am using an automation service that is working ok and I am using promotion, scheduling and direct bot which will cost me around 50$ per account.

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Nothing under $200


You people are way to low on your price. For those prices you can’t do much growing.

You’re using a scheduling bot and a direct bot? As well as you logging in and the client logging in to the account? That’s asking for IG to block you or Account Compromised you. Too many logins.

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I am using a proxy and will log in in just 2 IPs which will see in log activity. I won’t risk. and all services that are used are for one automation service that I use personally and it’s working ok for me

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how much will you say? and how many followers a month will you get for a 2k followers account?

Listen to @Race44, it’s too many logins. It works for you but it doesn’t mean that it is going to work for your client.

Get one proper automation software (Jarvee), test on your own accounts first and THEN start onboarding clients.

You should at least charge $200. My rates start at $300 for growth only.

As for monthly growth, nobody is able to tell you how much the account is going to grow because it depends on a lot of factors like followback ratio, targeting, actions performed, blocks etc.

PS: I saw that you are fairly new to the forum. I recommend to read as much as you can before doing any client work. Instagram automation is much more restrictive compared to a couple of months ago, so you should know your shit first.


I had a lot of problems with Jarvee. I found this new bot and its working alright now. they have their own proxy app and some new featured services that I like a lot.
I grew 2 3 accounts and till today 7 people came to me and wanted me to grow their accounts too. there will be just 2 log in and this new setting of Instagram (login activity) is solving a lot of problems for me.
ok. I will read more and more, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I actually charge only 30 dollars for 1 month per account. Our service is based on number of follows and those users engaged are not followed again in the future. Since the recent update of IG. We can only commit to follow 5K distinct users on behalf of our clients and roughly 200 to 1K real users are added to their account. Est to be finished in a month.

We only do follow unfollow and PS we dont use JV


How do you even make this viable? I feel like your margins are crazy low

Please don’t charge $30. Minimum $100.

I charge $200 to $300 per month for just F/UF growth.


@Koven @Race44 How many follow actions are you rendering per month?

I cant charge very high because im in a 3rd world country. No one will avail my service if i charge high.

We actually just spend on electricity, internet, asure database server. We have our own system so we dont pay monthly fees to JV.

1 server we actually run 50 to 70 accounts.


Even when charging 30 dollars here if we increase it to 40 there are some clients will think its expensive already. Besides, due to the new IG limit and restrictions. Result isnt that good compared before so im not comfortable charging people high


Trust me, people are willing to pay much more than $40 a month. But I’m not going to keep trying to convince you. Just think about when you sign 10 clients. Would you rather make $400 a month or $1,000 a month?


Good point. Ill check on it again and maybe increase it by year end

you charge what your time/value you bring worth that easy

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What software is it?

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If you charging $100-$300+ per month per account, how many followers are you getting your clients per month?

Nothing under 200$ . If people try to get your service for cheaper just ignore them. Don’t try to convince people what your service is worth if they have that kind of mentality. Its just a waste of time. You will find people who will pay what you want