How To Make Tons Of Money Reselling Instagram Followers/Likes

first you’re going to want to make either a new account or use the account you’re currently using.

boost your followers up by using this website buzz you can buy followers 60 cents per 1000 followers so spend about 7 dollars and get 10k followers

you’re going to want to join instagram hype groupchats via tiktok (look up instagram hype group chats and put your instagram @ in all of the comment sections)

once in these hype groupchats say something along the lines of:

$2 for 1k followers
$5 for 3k followers
$10 for 7k followers
$20 for 19k followers

$1 for 2k likes

DM ASAP @everyone

once you get someone that dms you asking for followers take the payment from them and use the money they gave you to buy them followers using the website i sent and you will make a $1.40 every 1000 followers you sell

i’ve been doing this for years and have made thousands of dollars and this is something i’d really recommend doing on your spare time!

I will keep this in mind, in case I ever want to work for hours and hours to make $1.40 :wink:

lol. no i currently do this and i roughly make $40-$80 an hour

Yo, could you explain better what does “instagram hype groupchats via tiktok” means?

instagram hype gcs are a load of desperate people looking to gain instagram growth for followers likes comments views all of that so these gcs will consist of people saying

F4F - Follow For Follow
L4L - Likes For Likes

stuff like this
and via tiktok means you can find these hype group chats through tiktok looking up
“instagram hype gcs” in the tiktok search bar