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Cat Howell - FB Ads Academy



Unlock more time and revenue by plugging into the support, processes and systems of an actual seven figure agency!

What if instead of having a business that makes you feel stuck & overwhelmed, you could run a business that…

  • Allows you the time to spend working ON your business, rather than IN your business
  • Let’s you focus on your areas of core competence – the things you actually like, rather than the ones you have to
  • Consistently hits your revenue targets
  • Delivers EPIC , tangible results for your clients
  • Allows you more freedom so you can spend time with friends & family
  • Brings in quality, high-paying leads that stick around – no more poor-paying clients!
  • Has all the necessary systems & process in place so things can run smoothly & effectively

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Thanks for sharing! Is it in any way better than the other Facebook Ads Courses?


Thank you a lot! Is Facebook profitable for you?


that’s awesome. thanks bro


Thanks for sharing! Really appreciate it


Thank you for this but when I click on the link my drive opens up and says c"an’t open this link"

Could any one help me with this?


Very very interesting! Thank you a lot!! Just for a time planning matter, how long does it takes to go through the whole content?


Thanks for sharing :heart:


Although i highly enjoy reading your valuable comments trough all the forum. I suggest you slow down a little bit. You are not the first one who tries this :smirk: Just a friendly tip @jimiiz


Great share thank you, I was looking for something like that :slight_smile:


Thanks Fallen!

Can anyone recommend this one over the other courses? or one of the over 2tb course database?

I am just trying to dig into FB ads and I’m not sure where to start


This is what I need now :slight_smile:
Thank you, Master!


It’s a good solution to leverage this time while waiting for the update :wink: