I built a free tool that ranks the top 100 posts of any users. Great for content curation! Top100posts.co


Hi folks,

A few weeks ago I launched Top100posts.co
A lot of IG accounts owners have found it very useful to find viral content.
It’s totally free!!

Just enter a valid IG username (public user only) and the system will rank the most engaged 100 posts from the last 500 posts published.

It’s a great way to discover what type of content stands out for brands and influencers, on Instagram.

It’s quite new so still subject to bugs/crashes but working daily on making it better!

I appreciate the feedback! Hope some of you will use it on a daily basis!



Cool idea! I like it


Looks like a neat tool. Certainly going to have a play with it!

Will give some more feedback once I’ve tried it out.


thank you @Blacklover2018 and @maw101 !!


Nice bro if can add on it top hashtags posts that would be cool


Had a bit of a play. Like it. It gets data on new accounts quickly which is nice. Can definitely see that this tool will be useful.

One quick question - over what time frame / number of posts or whatever is the ‘Engagement Rate’ given under User Statistics calculated?



Thanks bro. Exactly what I’ve been looking for


Thanks,bro!So helpful.


cool idea man! Have you had issues with Instagram banning your host IP for scraping this info?

[Method] Find Viral Contents to Increase Engagement Rate

Thanks for the feedback!! Right now the ER is calculated on the last 500 posts, which is not good, we should change it to a more recent number of posts, like the last 15 posts I think. Will update this.


Thanks! Not for now… our primary domain Top100posts.com was banned by FB and IG though… the .co is not banned yet.


@dondemex @Kevin_Liu Glad to hear!!!


Thanks for the feedback! can you explain a bit more the hashtag idea? Thanks


For example if a small account gets viral using sone types of hashtag we can know it so we choose only hashtag that is worth to use and also to determine automatically all the accounts that have trended with a hashtag
You can do like a filter of account follower number so if we choose 10k account we see all the posts that got the biggest engagement with the specific hashtag


This is amazing man, thanks for sharing it with us!

Additionaly, it would be awesome if you could add an export feature where one could export the list with URLs, comments, likes etc.


This is awesome!


very good idea! thanks


@Jay_Grylls @mdtanos good to hear, thanks for the support!


Thank you! Thanks for the idea! Why not!


This is awesome! Appreciate your efforts and willingness to share @top100