I built a free tool that ranks the top 100 posts of any users. Great for content curation! Top100posts.co


Thanks i can see the value. Taking notes for further development


Thanks :pray::pray:


this is a great tool man thanks for sharing will definitely use it for my repost pages


Super Tool ! Thank you !!! I tested and it is very quick !


Thanks for this tool ! It’s really fast


Very nice, thank you


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Thank you folks! appreciating the early support.


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your name “top100”
creating thread about your tool that list the “top 100” posts of users
Nice Marketing :+1:


Haha yes, I honestly didn’t know about MPsocial but it’s awesome! I just googled “instagram marketing forums” and this is the best one I found.
I will stay around here not only to promote my products but to keep an eye on what everything is happening.


Or… You could have multiple options available for the user to choose whether they want to get the top ER rated posts of the last 500 posts, last 250 posts, last 100, last 50, and finally last 15 posts?

Maybe, just maybe my friend.


That’s actually a really good idea and would not be too hard to implement. I’m focused on developing the Twitter app right now (same concept). But once done I believe it will be the first update I’ll do to the tool. Thanks for the feedback!


Amazing man thanks


Happy to hear, thanks for the support


Dope op :100: I gotta try it out.


I agree, more recent posts would be great!


will do, soon! :wink: thanks


I was looking for a tool like this for ages now!

I compared your tool with Jarvee and the results were the same in terms of posts ranking, now it will take me less than half the time instead of doing it manually with Jarvee, thanks OP!

The ER is very helpful as well, but unfortunately not very accurate: It showed me less than half the ER compared with Jarvee and Phlanx results (both were the same) using the same username and half the amount compared to hypeauditor (current tool I use for a quick ER).

But great idea, definitely a tool needed by the market and keep improving it!


Thank you for this insightful feedback!
Happy you find our tool to be faster than others.

We will update the ER rate. Right now it calculates the ER based on last 500 posts, after the update tonight or tomorrow it will calculated it on the last 12 posts!

Thanks again


This is great man! Thanks!


thanks the support! more updates will be live this week!