IG DM service that still works in 2022

DM’s service that still delivers results.

Get bookings, make sales, recruit ambassadors and much more.

Over past 2 years we have been working with hundreds of brands and bloggers to grow their pages and make sales on daily bases.

We don’t use third party providers like many other provider do. All DMs are done inhouse, meaning we can pick up on any issue that occur during the process almost immediately. Let’s be realistic DMs are not straightforward and there are issues in many cases due to the nature of the service.

During the DM process we monitor clients pages to make sure client gets best results possible. If after sending a small amount of DMs we see that the results aren’t as good as expected we contact the client to discuss the issue. In most cases we find the issue before we contact the client.

Unlike many other provides we work closely with clients to achieve highest results possible. There are many reasons why DMs might not work. We help clients to research the targets and craft correct messages to avoid DMs getting blocked and accounts deleted fast.


Price includes help with targeted audience (limits apply on filters), help with crafting correct offer, review of the targets, monitoring dms and results.

Payments accepted:

  • Crypto
  • Revolut
  • Card payment on the website.

Invoice can be provided on request.

Please note! We don’t work with every single page, brand or blogger. If we see that there is no potential to achieve good results we will not take the order. Send us a message to discuss the details.

No refunds - We will provide reports showing completed order and screenshot of messages. If requested in advance we can also record a 10-15 sec video of DMs being sent. We guarantee that 100% of the DMs will be sent out but we do not guarantee the results. As stated above we will work with clients to fix any issues if and when they occur to reach best results possible.

Sales thread is approved. Good luck!

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DM service is working great. ready to take orders