Instagram app misbehaving {FIXED}

I tried using instagram today, but it showed a message : Confirm your info on the app, we detected some suspicious activity from your account.

Though I’vent connect my number to insta but I use a verrified email for it, I even tried changing my password, thats working but no use, I still can’t log in

The thing is, it shows the message to confirm, but how to? Where to do that?

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There are plenty of informations about the security check on the forum, you might want to try your chance out :slight_smile:

I’ve tried almost all.

I just wanted to know what to do next?
Does this issue gets sort of its own in few days, as I see its a common one.

Or where do I go to confirm my info…


Have you tried to login to the account from the Instagram app?

Okayhhh solved! Just double tapped the message. And it lead to the video verification.

All cool now!


It always pleased me to hear that you guys managed to solve those nasty IG verification issues.

nice, but you must understand what lead to that vefication issue and fix the issue from it’s root to avoid getting that over and over again

Do you mind to send screenshot so we can better assess the situation?

This is showing…
The problem is here again
Same as before
Except that clicking on the lock isn’t leading to the video confirmation this time​:grimacing::sob:

happy to hear that.

After the first confirmation, did you keep the account logged from your phone?