Instagram Get Inactive Account Name


Is there anyone who knows how to get an inactive account recovered which hasnt been used in years for Instagram


Is this your account? Or do you mean (as the title could be interpreted) you want to have the username of someone else’s acc who didnt use the account for years?


Username of someone who has not used it for 4-5 years


Well, it seems like there is hardly a way for that. The only exception is if you have a big brand as APPLE and someone has an inactice acc., then you can try to write IG.

In all other cases there is no way, we had a similar discussion recently. Most liked answers were:



:two: :

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One tip I ran across on the web to claim inactive Twitter accounts has worked for me on IG also. However it requires some time and money. Usually only works on serious accounts or accounts of businesses. It doesn’t always works but is successful if the following is true.

The inactive account must have a URL link. Check the link see if it goes to a unique domain (not another social account). If the domain is not active, you can register the domain. Setup an email service for the domain with a catch all email. Go to IG, TW, Pinterest, etc and request a password reset.

Catch the email, usually the username and reset the password. You can usually start reclaiming all the social profiles originally created.


I’ve noticed that the only accounts that can do that are famous people or big businesses. If it’s not those two things, it will be hard to get that name


Yeah they have direct access to instagram so they can make these requests, Even merging accounts!


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What’s ‘the panel thing’?


I am interested, please DM me. Thanks, Adriano


I am interested as well, please DM.


Please anyone in this forum able to help claim inactive account names ?
I have a handfull of people insterested in it and willing to pay. Please let me know.


Just hack it. I mean, it belongs to others – the name that is. It will be easier. After all – you want what somebody else has – even if they do not use it.


And how would one go about doing that?


i am not that stupid to tell.


I have about 34 accounts with good names not used. Nobody has the right to them except me. I would be pissed if anyone got them becuase they are – inactive.


Then why suggest others to hack an account? :wink:


becuase in reality – thats what they want to do. take something not theirs


Ahh - now I see the irony in your post :wink: hahaha


just because something is not used anymore by anyone else – does not mean it is up for grabs. Makes that person a thief in reality. Don’t care what purpose you want to use for