Instagram Get Inactive Account Name


Hahaha aren’t those people kind of like the people that put their towel on a beach chair and don’t return for the rest of the day :smiley: Except they do it for years instead of hours


You never know.


Anyone sitting iddle on a username for more than 3 years don’t deserve that username anymore.

Anyways thanks the ones that tried helping, I got the contact of someone who is able to grab inactive username and grant you… It is a bit pricy but i think it is worth it.


You are problably going to get scammed, just saying…
Be careful


I have never of anyone who was able to do that. maybe I am wrong, but listen to @WannaCryyy : you will get scammed.


Look at this inactive names:

Not posted since 2011:

If anyone could get such accounts with such names, dont you think anyone had already paid for it?



Please make sure and share your experience with your source!


It is 100% guaranteed, I have two close friends who already used that service and have very short usernames now. I won’t share the usernames but both have just their brazilian first name as the user.

They said the guy has a contact who works on Instagram and can get the username, as long as it is inactive for many years so there is no complaint coming after him later on.

I just found it to be to pricy ($400) for me right now. That’s why I went out to the internet in the hopes that I could find a more affordable option… but seems not.


From my research on internet I found two guys “recommended” on reddit, after talking with them over instagram both seems like scammers… so yes, you always need to be careful with this as there are lot of people trying to take advantage of others… Peace out folks and thanks for trying to help


I know people who actually do this but $400 would be ridiculously cheap… It’s closer to $2k.

Yes they have Panel Access.


Nice to hear that, I will so gladly pay the $400 bucks :slight_smile:


Adriano, pode me passar o contato da pessoa que faz aqui no Brasil?

Eu também tinha um contato, mesmo preço, mas o cara não ta respondendo, preciso disso para uns clientes meus.


me chama no whats por favor, 48999279997


English. English only.


Sorry, the guy is Brazilian, and the reply was straight to him.


Hey, are you able to help me get an username from a disabled account? says Page doesn’t exist or was removed.