Is the end of automatic bot!(2019 November )


I use bot to automatic from This June , yes is the begin this war(Very unfortunate ). During use bot i pay for every style proxies that like datacenter ,Residence and now 4g proxy, and pay for every style accounts .I learn knowledge from the forum every day . Try every bot ,all they are not work well now, yes haven’t one account can do normal action. So there’s anyone agree with me that is the end of bot for ISG.




lol true that bro


I am also at the end but not loosing any hope. Personal accounts running fine on automation, got trouble with clients accounts. so its not end just do some test your own and try different setting on different accounts and you will get working setting soon for yourself.
Automation is never going to die. Just believe it, find a way to make it work for you.


All I can say is; First, never give up and secondly start thinking about other means of revenue, start putting efforts somewhere else… IG account management isn’t a long term stable business for sure.


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Days by days ago, i always think like you. I tell myself never give up too every day , so i Insist almost Five months ,But hurt again and again ,the bots never win once ,Only more and more people are leaving , They admitted to being defeated by ISG, now me too.


This is the end.


Yup its just matter of time until instagram busted all the automation services ITS THE END


This is the end…


Yes, And it’s not far away , maybe now, maybe this month. But not far away.


The song is good.


As long as the app exists automation will exist.


Can I have all your clients?



Keep calm and make your own 4G proxies
IG don’t want to end botting and drive people to manual actions on mobiles that they can’t police.


For fuck sake just give organic growth a go.
Just post quality content for 2,3 months.
Once IG sees you are off the Crack you will be on the right path.
As you can see in the picture some accounts recovered faster than others,but they were all loosing followers before june blocks.
All accounts were between 20k-30k before june,now look at the followers on some accounts.
All accounts created and added in the same day.
0 automation.


hats off to you, but how does it change the situation for those managing clients


Amazing job. Well done!


Are you using hashtags at all? I see so many people on the explore without