List Of Free Websites And Hosting

If you don’t feel like Wix or Weebly is fit for the job, here’s a list of alternatives. Their site builder is top notch really. Nothing competes with them. But if you’re trying to diversify your subdomain portfolio, there are plenty of options.

Some notable ones not mentioned often

Allows to use own js/css, no ads, no branding,

Too many to list. Some are pretty cool looking, i haven’t had time to try it all.


nice list :slight_smile: thanks for sharing.

I try and can’t make account on neocities. Someone know others?

Can’t make? What’s the issue?

Make account and when press sign up, nothing happen. I was successfull with only one account.

You need unique email for each.

Try gmail + method it works for me.

Yea, don’t work. Anyone know other free website and hosting?

try one of these:

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Just need to be careful with free web host. Static site might cause less of a limit block, but it will happen. And some also require you to login to the panel once a month.

Hence why i have not suggested any free host such as those.

Here’s more of the static sites [Guide] Free static sites hosting for your landing page