Looking for sales people - We provide you daily leads

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We are selling LinkedIn service, more or less it could be a bit similar to IG services from past.

We are producing leads for our sellers, since we are automating accounts at this platform. After 7 days we are able to produce for you 5-10 leads daily.

  1. Using your or your fake LI profile, we are sending monthly 3000 connection requests to join your network,
  2. After client accept invitation we are sending follow up message - we got really good prepared messeges to get attention from client,
  3. This step is your, when they are answering - you are selling. You can do it thru email but closing deals via phone call is a way better.

We will send you PowerPoint presentation about our service, how it works, which you will be able to resend to customers or for yourself to understand better what we are selling.

We could automate whole process but this is other business and target than on IG. Here we need person, who will speak with client.
We are focused on Polish field, since I am not daily English speaker, and it blocks me to scale business. Right now running 75 profiles.

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Interested! Send me more info please