Looking to hire automation expert

Exos Agency is looking for an automation/marketing expert to help build our clients subscription based platforms and social media channels. We have been in business for 2 years and are ready to massively scale our automations department. This job will require you to already know the ins and outs of these things:

  • susocial (Social Media Automation) or a similar program
  • sharingtools (Social Media Automation)
  • proxies
  • scraping
  • email outreach

If you have experience in the following things it would be a plus and could result in a higher hourly pay:

  • mobile phone deployment for VA’s to manage manual social media work
  • dating apps (being able to create new accounts and get them verified in different cities)
  • other tactics that could help grow real Playboy/OF models

Most people that can do these things run agencies themselves and make a crapload from it.

You are better off just outsourcing like most agencies do. Maybe an ex VA may help, but you will have to question why they left and also how loyal they will be to you. Good luck!

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Id be willing to take a call about this!