Mass Cold DM conversion rate?

So from Mother/Slave I have gathered the conversion rate is anywhere from 10-25% from DM’ing people who followed child account, depending on quality of Mother.

Anyone who does Mass Cold DM’s from burner accounts - I am interested what is the conversion rate when compared to DM’ing from User who follows back child account?

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i roughly send 500k DM each day… after doing my math roughly per 10k DMs i send, i got around 250-400 profile visits… followers will depend again based on your content after the user visits


Nice bro, how many DM’s max you reckon on a burner per day?

on my burner accounts i do 10-20


The profile visits will be a lot higher if the accounts that send DMs survive till the end of that day atleast (So send DMs accordingly and not just blast them. 40-50 a day is a good number with decent intervals in between)… While the profile vists can easily be upwards of 10% when done using full profiled accounts, like Aditya mentioned, the conversion depends on the content. However, it also depends on the filters that we used to target the users

A tip:
While filtering, make sure that the follower/following ratio is less than may be 3 so that you are not wasting DMs on those people who are miserly about following a lot of people. And DO use the filters to filter out spam words from the Bio so that you dont waste DMs targeting curated pages.

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How on earth you get so many burner accounts on Jarvee? O.O

got my own acct creator and i dont use jarvee


I only send DMs to people that followed my accounts (from F/UF) and the conversion is around 40%

I don’t think mass DM is possible these days right?
I mean the IG account only do DM and no other action

It is possible. Sending 100k a day. The conversion rate depends on several factors.

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When you do mass DM, you use throwaway accounts so yes they just DM a couple time and die few days after - that’s the goal of the method.

I did try to mass DM but always got blocks at the end of the days … Do you have any ideas why other than proxies problem and account age? Maybe the setting in Jarvee?

You can’t mass DM using Jarvee man.

Read what I just said above, you can not either mass DM with ONE account, Instagram don’t allow it.

I get what you mean you can’t dm with one account … You need a lot of churn and burn accounts … May I know what softwares you recommend or use?

I sent you a DM.

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like @Enguerran said. You need the right tools and experience of MS. If you are looking to start now, I suggest it’s better to outsource. I do the same

If he has the time,patience and the resources then he must learn it by himself regardless doesn’t matter if he is new!

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I would say 25-150 new followers per 1k DM’s sent. CONTENT IS KING.

It’s very hard to do these days, I’m sending 10k-100k DM’s per campaign for my clients, and my bot accounts typically get banned 3-4 days later. The software I use to create accounts is custom and the bot I use is custom. It’s all cat and mouse with IG lol

Does anyone know that site that allows you to send mass DMs for very cheap? It’s like smspva kinda where you add credits and it sends for like fraction of a cent per msg?


No websites. Only custom solutions.