Mastermind Group - Looking for Collaboration

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for motivated, talented and dedicated people to work with. During my journey in online entrepreneurship and life in general, I realized the importance of the people you work and network with. I would even say its the key factor to success. This has been confirmed to my many times in several books, stories, experiences, etc.

That’s why I started to dedicate some of my time and effort into find the right people to potentially work with for long term success.

This is what I have to offer:

  • strong engineering skills (uni dropout)
    • web dev (all kind of websites, from apps to webshops)
    • software dev
    • AI (this is what I want to focus on in the long term)
    • Tons and tons of experience with Python
  • business skills
    • running a couple of brand stores with Shopify
    • research and business opportunities
    • very quick to action and stress resistant
    • IRL networking
  • general
    • learning new things very quickly by gaining quick insight of what on focus on and what to ignore in this information loaded age
    • clear and organized
    • directness in communication, no beating around the bush (I’m dutch :slight_smile: )
    • very dedicated and motivated, always working on self improvement on all fronts

I’m looking for people…

  • around my age (~18-26)
  • with a strong desire for success
  • with clear goals and a strong positive mindset
  • that are constantly trying to improve themselves
  • have proven themselves proficient in skills valuable for success in online entrepreneurship, especially in marketing and ecommerce
  • have long term plans to grow and really make it big
  • realize that success isn’t just gaining as much money as possible
  • realize that, even though they might currently be successful to a certain extend, that they might as well be in a tunnel vision which blocks them from reaching their true potential
  • realize that the best way to fix tunnel vision is collaboration with others

– “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with

DM if you are interested.