[METHOD] STOP buying accounts! With a smartphone, you can create 50+ daily


I see all the time here and on BHW new topics where people are complaining about the creation of accounts and their frustration, many of us are losing time and money trying to do it right and then more money buying premade accounts of dubious quality.

Recently Instagram starts taking actions on new accounts. You need to rethink how to create new excellent and fresh accounts for Instagram in 2019.

In these months I’ve tested various method for creating my high-quality accounts, but every time, I feel Instagram understands that I’m creating multiple accounts. I’ve tried and tried more and wasted months of time, but every time the result is only one: BAN.

When I found this stable and straightforward method, I can create with just an Android phone with 3G/4G and a PC, over 50 accounts manually every day (with my custom bot easily 250+). And, now, you can too!

I learned a lot in this forum, so it’s time to give back something to all of you.

Follow these steps, and you can have clean and unlinked accounts!

You can do manually or code a simple Bot that does it for you.


First of all proxies. Use your 4G or 3G Android phone, connect to your computer, enable USB tethering from your phone and then disable LAN or WIFI so that you can use the connection of your phone.

For every account you need to put the phone in Airplane mode for 5-10 seconds, then disable it. Make sure your IP is new and not used before.


Use a clean browser with some extension. Use Chrome and create a new profile, name it and add WebRTC Leak Prevent, Random User Agent and Ghostery. These extensions help you to stay clean for every account.

Close your browser, open the Windows bar and write this: chrome --profile-directory="PROFILENAME" --incognito, here you have your clean browser and the perfect proxy.


This step is optional but is recommended to be seen by Instagram as a real user.

Go to uinames.com, choose your region and get all the data you need. This website is easy to use, and you can generate a name, surname, email, password, birthday and profile photo.

Now you can go to fakepersongenerator.com/user-biography-generator and get a randomly generated biography for your Instagram account.

Write down all these data and proceed to the next step!


Create some mail.com, hotmail.com or find another great provider without using phone numbers, using the data you generated before. Subscribe to at least one newsletter for email; this will keep your email alive for a long time!


Create your Instagram account with the information from Step 3, add biography and photo profile.

If you want, now you can verify your email.

Save all your account data in an Excel file, change IP and restart.

Congratulation, you have created your first high-quality Instagram account!


  • Creating accounts with Selenium (I think iGramTool use Selenium headless for creating accounts) lead to ban or block, instantly or in max one week after the creation.

  • Creating many accounts with the same email can be a pattern for Instagram, and you can have all accounts banned or with EV, PVA.

  • Creating accounts with your browser: you need to delete every footprint you can have.

  • Creating accounts with a 4G rotating proxy is a good choice, but you need to create max one account for 1 IP. If you create more for 1 IP, you are forming a pattern.

  • Never use automation software that injects Javascript in the browser, this is too easy to detect for Instagram.


This is the method I found after trials and errors that work best for creating accounts, and it’s in constant evolution. It’s normal to make mistakes, it takes time, but with the same steps, I created over 1000 accounts until now.

Try this approach for your accounts today and share your results with our community and me. I’m curious to know your story and your best technique so that we can all grow together!


Thank you, Great method.


This is awesome, thanks a lot man!


OK, you created an account, added a picture and BIO.
After how many days do you change proxy and how many more before first follow?


Going to try this


Is the bot for sale?

Have you thought about moving this method to lvl2?


seems like a really good method


OP isn’t LVL 2 yet


The bot for now is a personal project that I’m developing for myself. I will post updates and some tips in the following days!

I would love to move to level 2, but I’m not yet :frowning:


@Grummel1 Oh, I see :smiley:

@Nicknames What is the command for chrome canary (developer chrome)? I’ve tried chrome canary --profile-directory… but it still points to chrome


@MyFocus I’m sorry, but I don’t use Chrome Canary. Try with the name of the process, like “chromecanary.exe” --profile-directory…

Otherwise, for this method, you should use regular Chrome.


With value like this you’ll be there in no time :wink:


I already us regular chrome for my day-to-day, so do I just clear all data and start by creating a new profile?

I still have bookmarks that I need etc.

@Grummel1 True!


JARVEE software itself is using alot of JavaScript, so I think when doing it correctly it is not an issue. Anyway Thanks for the tips learned alot.


Do it on a VPS


@Grummel1 Thank you, I’m trying to provide value for this community, and I’m working on other guides.

@MyFocus Sure, you create a new profile, install all the extensions and directly launch Chrome in incognito.

Another TIP:

There is a free extension of Chrome called Bandwidth Hero: reduces the amount of data consumed when you browse web pages by compressing all images on the page. It uses data compression service to convert images to low-resolution WebP or JPEG images.

You can set up a free and simple server with Heroku, it’s not too hard. This helps you to save data of your phone plan!


Thank you man that is awesome!

like @Grummel1 said with value like this you’ll be there in no time and also check this User Levels Explained :blush:


Don’t. Facebook (surely) and problably also Instagram scan you for common RDP ports open.

Creating account on an VPS with a standard RDP port open is a red flag for them :slight_smile:


does it have to be android? i have an i phone


@HereInMyGarage Sure, you can do it with IPhone. You need to enable USB Tethering in the settings.