[METHOD] STOP buying accounts! With a smartphone, you can create 50+ daily


Thanks, didn’t know that :slight_smile:


awesome one more thing i am trying to make 10 instagram business accounts without using fb all together. I just want to track my explore page impressions. The only way i know is to use the instagram app on a phone. The setting is not in jarvee browser when you try and edit the profile, not in chrome browser , i even downloaded the windows app for my tablet no option to switch to business it’s only for me on my iphone app


If chrome --profile-directory=“USERNAME” --incognito is solely for the purpose of starting chrome in incognito mode I found a more simplistic solution to that.


Right click chrome, go to down to properties and add -incognito to the end

Now it should start in inc mode right away :smiley:

EDIT: You also need to go to Extensions->Details-> Allow in Incognito mode to make extensions work in incognito mode, is this crucial? @Nicknames


@MyFocus Your solution is perfect for this :wink:

You also need to go to Extensions->Details-> Allow in Incognito mode to make extensions work in incognito mode, is this crucial?

Exactly, a simpler solution to mine.


So just to make sure:

Activated extensions in incognito mode don’t leave footprints?

I’m not a developer/programmer/script kiddie by any means, just curios.


@MyFocus Ghostery blocks some tracking from websites, changing user agent is a must, because it looks like you are logged from different devices and with changing IP is the perfect combo. WebRTC block RTC leaking of your real IP.

There is no way to be 100% sure, but from my testing is more than enough to have accounts that work without ban or blocks.


Here’s a little gold nugget by the Multilogin team. They did extensive research on this topics.
I personally really enjoyed this talk and learnt some insteresting stuff I didn’t know yet :slight_smile:

# How Facebook and Google track you? - The truth behind the secret tracking algorithms


@WannaCryyy Fantastic! I’ll watch it later, super interesting!


You might want to add the canvas defender plugin to your arsenal of plugins, by the legends over at Multilogin.

I used to run a setup like this, basically a poor mans Multilogin emulation, and made a lot of accounts on all the social media sites with a dedicated browser profile for each one (I was using Firefox though, and proxies instead of mobile connection). And some simple automation using iMacros. But that was ages ago in Internet terms. Good to see the basic principle is still working. Respect for sharing your nice method OP!


@Nicknames did you know how to make a business account? I cant seem to do it in the browser


@Nicknames Do you have any information concerning solidity of your accounts? I almost applied the same method. However after more or less exactly 2 weeks most of my new accounts just died/were banned.


@Larsometer In the last 2 months, I’ve created over 2000 accounts with this method but with the same email provider, this leads all account to BAN/EV/PVA.

The solution for me is to use many different email provider at different time and not doing 24/7. With many different email provider, I mean, a lot of different email provider.


@Nicknames understood. But what do you do with these accounts? Do you post on them and if so, do you get any PV or EV? Or do they exactly work the same as if you made a personal acc just for yourself. I mean if you just create accounts and then do nothing with them you don’t know how solid they actually are. So would be cool if you could give some insight.


You can also change the ip on your cable internet using a router and clone the mac address


Super helpful! I’ll be testing this on some projects in the near future. Did these accounts still avoid bans with heavy follow/unfollow strategies or similar programmatic tactics. If so - did you put a delay on the behavior? Thanks for the the guide!


Thank you very much, looks like a pretty save way!


@Socrates Yes, these accounts work with heavy F/U, make sure that you have quality proxies.

@jayskays Thanks!


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: are you experiencing any PV issues on these accounts? When I create accounts via my phone 5-10% of accs just constantly get PVs


make sure the IP changes. Contrary to popular belief – IP does not always change on phones when going in and out of airplane mode


Really? I was not aware of that. Is there any rule of thumb for when it changes?