[METHOD] STOP buying accounts! With a smartphone, you can create 50+ daily


not really – if towers are busy they often resort to the same address…


Correct, on top of this it’s also very carrier based. Some carriers always give you a new IP and some dont :slight_smile:


i am making some accounts in a similar way for some weeks now. And i get 0 pv when i switch to a proxy.

but i allways get a pv when i start follow actions. The best part is that its happening once. 3 weeks later, 500 follows a day, 0 pv.


Well, then what is different about this method? Apparently it always changes?

Exactly the same over here. No PV when switching but when I start following a few get PVs and out of those most of them get a PV every day which is fucking anoying.

Funny thing is: I setup 50 accounts for myself and from those 3-4 had PV one time and after that it was fine. I also setup slaves for some of my clients and with those accounts 60-70% of accounts get constant PVs… still testing to figure it out but it seems so strange… :thinking:


Good information


What proxy’s do u reccomend for insta ? Awesome guide thank you


this is awesome man, agree with you, buying accounts most of the time end up at waste of money and time.


Do you have experience with older account hitted by mass pv? How (if possible) to came back to normal.


if i get a recurring pv i ditch the acc. To time consuming( and i get irritated) for me:) i never have this issue with accs above 4k followers


Hey Danny. Hope you are well. With these accounts you are making, are you using Multilogin with phone hotspot as your method? I’d be curious to know your specific settings if so. And I presume you are still using them with MassProxy?


As i am so lazy, i only use a clean Firefox with a multi user agent switch. I make one acc, restart Firefox, change the device, airplane on/off mobile. Then i create 1 acc, post 3 pics. After i made 10 i stop, add them to massplanner with massproxy and start actions next day.

Start with 5-15 a day, increase with 35 a day until i reach 300. Then i have enough(FB of 22%) to sent 35 dm’s a day for the mother slave method.

No issues after 3,5 weeks on about 80 accs now. But i only create 10 a day…


tbh any browser application based on chromium that costs $100/month is a scam, you can manually set all up in a portable browser, so good you dont waste money for multilogin


Sounds good :slight_smile: What email provider are you using for this? And do you create or buy the emails?


Wow, Danny! These are the proxies you are using to grow the accounts that you sell and if so, dont you have like blocks or issues with PVs? Just asking because when I used them in 2017 I got a lot of issues…
Thank you for the info! :smiley:


i still had some from a bulk amount i biught 2 years ago:) bk.ru ones:)

I couldn’t like a long time ago…But thats fine for me. I dont use the like tool at all. I have some PV issues on older accs that i bought from buyaccs. But on the fresh created ones i have no issues. If i get a PV, its only once.


And if you get a PV, are you verifying with real SIMs or GetSMSCode/SMSPVA?


real sims.



you are and you have always been a huge “source” for highly valuable information. You are like MR.X from The X-Files. :wink:

AWESOME! Thank you! :smiley:


dont make it a big deal:) i am just one of the helpers here. Just like you and all the other mp users that are helping others…



Awesome thanks for quality guide!