[METHOD] STOP buying accounts! With a smartphone, you can create 50+ daily


Please tell me, can this method for work for Facebook account creation?
Thank you in advance for your help.


Could you share what settings do you use for follow / avoid spam accounts? :pray:t2: Lately mine don’t work well anymore and try to follow people that interact with posts don’t get me good results. Thanks


Does anyone have experience with creating accounts on mobile proxies? Wouldn’t that kind of being the same as using a mobile phone connection?


Do you have any hint for me what to use for automation instead of selenium?


@Maximilian_Pleickhar I don’t think there is really an alternative in case you need to apply java script (e.g. for clicking buttons) What is your problem with Selenium?


Im not having any problems Im just curious hence the OP wrote the following:


aaah now I understand. Maybe you need to start a clean browser (as discribed above) for selenium and use a proxy. I mean you can create accounts manual in a normal browser window. Should work with Selenium as well. Maybe you need some code to move the mouse (in case there are any special pixels on the IG site).


@Jusak Sure this method should work fine for FB.

@Maximilian_Pleickhar Selenium uses geckodriver or chromedriver, if you do some search on Selenium footprints, you can see that is too easy to detect for website owners. I tried for months with Selenium, every time banned accounts.

You can try AutoHotKey or something similar that doesn’t inject browser.

@Larsometer Exactly, you can try with Selenium and see that there are hidden pixel for block bots.


@nicknames Then these pixel just need to be made visible. However I have no clue how to do that. But when they are there… there must be possibility to spot them.


Yeah, you can make visible, but it’s made to trick the bots, because it confuses the xpath.


Good tutorial. Thanks


Thank you, let me know if you need help!


Guys, sorry for the question but i didn’t understood Proxy very well. When we change the phone status to the Airplane mode for 5-10 seconds, when we connect to our mobile phone network, it will change the the old IP to the new one right? When i do that it remains the same. Thanks!!!


Try switching from 4G to 3G, it should switch your IP.


Airplane mode doesn’t work with all phone providers, try to stay in AM a little longer or switch to a lower/higher connection speed :slight_smile:


in small regions – markets – it will not change as the carriers see no need for extra lines – FYI


So if my IP does not change when using mobile phone tethering, should I just use a proxy for every single account I create? Sorry, very new to this.


Yes. BUT, their are not many proxy providers that can create accounts Many are blocked because of too much abuse…


So if my mobile connection provider does not switch IPs when going in and out of Airplane mode then there is literally no way/very slim chances of me mass-creating accounts? Thanks.


In short, no… Sorry