[METHOD] STOP buying accounts! With a smartphone, you can create 50+ daily



You can try it with a friends phone and carrier. Then make a deal with him to borrow the phone some days a week and create them then.


Thanks. I have yet to try my own phone connection and whether it switches the IP address when doing Airplane Mode and/or switching from 4G to 3G. Just looking for options beforehand so I don’t get nasty surprises.

I guess if it doesn’t work my only option is buying accounts :slight_smile:


does anyone know if T-Mobile or ATT have a rotating IP?


thanks for sharing.

i thing my problem is not using different email provider.
beacause i create my own email domain and random the email name.
and the account will get phone verification after few week for autolike.

will report the result with your method

thanks again


I hired a VA to create accounts using Firefox, but usernames he puts in BIO are not clickable.
Any suggestion how to fix this? Is it possible to use MP to make them clickable?


If you update bio via api it will be clickable, or via phone. If im not wrong it can’t be clickable if you do it via browser.But be aware that profiling on lq proxy in mp can get your acc banned :japanese_goblin:


Yes, people say it is risky. I will use MP to edit few BIOs and see what happens.


wow nice catch! I just did a test and this appears to be accurate.


Thanks to all of you!

How are your accounts going?


Mass creation won’t work, but you can try to create an account every few hours. Although the IP doesn’t change after going to airplane mode it will change every few hours depending on what provider you are using.

My IP changes every 3 hours


I sometimes get PV right after creating the accounts, how to prevent that ?


Can I do this with an iPhone ?


Hey, thank you for the share. I have one question: you said you have a bot, i was wonder if there is an app that can switch on and off airplane mode on the phone when i want, every 5 min or 10? I bet you don’t switch on/off manually right?


there are many automation software even on android, there are many many way you can automate that, as you can automate everything.


i think you can find some taak manager apps that can do that


@dma0245 hello I let you a DM for buy you 2 instagram accounts, please see your inbox! Thanks!


travel day to France combined with a server issue makes me respond slow…sorry. will be back up and running tomorrow


@dma0245 No problem. I’Ll be waiting thanks


How long after creating the accounts can we add warm
Up settings ?



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